Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dec 14, 2015 funniest primary program ever

Hey guys!! So this week in church was by far the most entertaining sacrament meeting I have been in in my entire mission! haha it was the primary program, and there was only about 10 or so kids.... but everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. It was a pure ruckus, because first off about half of the kids when it was their turn to go to the pulpit to bare their testimony or recite a scripture or something, you know, they just froze up and wouldn't speak. So their parents had to come up to the pulpit to try to get them to say their part. And they always chickened out, so all the moms and dads were saying their kids parts. That happened with like 4 different kids. One of the kids had 2 things to say, and went the first time and his mom said the line. Then the second time went up with his dad and his dad said the line. hahaha And even one girl said her testimony really really fast and went and sat back down on the stand, and threw up on the blithering stand! And so the stake high councilmen that were there, ran out and grabbed paper towels and were wiping it up as the program just continue down spiralling. haha But it was just a really funny thing, and they were all so cute though. And there were 119 people (which is a ton) for our ward. 

Also we had the sickest ward field trip thing, where we went to the "disembocadura" and I will send some cool pics. We basically just hiked up this big hill next to the beach, and played soccer, and had a big old BBQ.... Chilean style! With all the priesthood holders in the ward. I think it really served its function, of uniting the ward together, and just enjoying time together outside of Sunday! So this week and the following, we have a whole bunch of Christmas activities in the ward, stake, and mission, and I'm getting super pumped for La Navidad!

Anyways, Eduardo should be able to baptize his 9 year old daughter in a couple weeks, depending on what the Bishop and him decide. But we are going to have to teach her the lessons, and I'm just hoping that I will be here for the baptism! seriously they are such a great family! Well.... those are the highlights of this week. Love you guys tons, and see you in like 2 weeks :)

un abrazo
Èlder Hartvigsen

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dec. 7, 2016 I'm thinking its not going to be a "white Christmas", our summer has arrived

and I just totally ran into Luke yamada again, with Bill Clark (who is jakes brother) haha freaking small world :)

Hey guys!!! how is everybody doing? uhh... I guess I will just wait for the response to that question later ;)

anyways, things are going great here in Concepciòn. Its getting super hot now, and we are counting down the days until Christmas. Its gonna be a good one! And my last one here, thats crazy! Anyways we have been using the churchs new initiative called "A Saviour is born" and we are sharing pass along cards with everyone, and inviting all the members to share the video and share the cards, with the objective that EVERY LIVING SOUL within our mission boundaries sees the video, and visits the website "" hahaha :) But seriously, there is great power behind that message that a savior is born. And really what the world would be like without a Savior would be terrible. Without Hope, and pointless.

So keep that in mind this Christmas yeah? Thats the true meaning of that special holiday! Well we are excited because Santos is progressing now even more. He had an interview with the Bishop yesterday to set goals to receive the Aaronic Priesthood in a short time. Im super excited for him. Also our less active Eduardo  that we found a month or so ago had an interview yesterday as well, to set goals to become active again so that he can baptize his 9 year old daughter Varinia. And now that we are back in our own church building we had 92 people in church yesterday, when there were about 60 or so going a month ago when we were attending in the stake center. I am so blessed to really be seeing the fruits of our labors. And Im excited to be able to pass Christmas and New Years here in the Cerro Verde ward :)

And its kind of fun being district leader. Every thursday and sunday I have to call the other 3 companionsihps in my district and write down their numbers from the week, and the goals they have set, and try to help them progress as a companionship and in their sectors, and then basically pass all that information on to the zone leaders. and I get to do mini cambios with them as well to set goals and be able to learn from each other and see what we can all do to improve. ha. should be fun! Its a lot of work, but thats all good!!

Last wednesday I gave my first district class, and it actually turned out really well!! funny thing is that the Assistants (APs) showed up to our zone that day, which was weird because I had never seen that before in my whole mission. But Elder Moura (who has been assistant for more than 6 months) sat in my class and everything. And it went pretty well. I had to teach for over an hour and a half..... haha I know thats a TON! I taught a little bit about the difference between the things WE CAN control in the mission (obedience, faith, attitude, diligence etc.) and the things WE CANNOT control (whethere or not people accept our message, listen to us in he street, keep commitments etc.) But we will know that we are a successful missionary if we are seeing the spirit work through us, loving those we serve, being exactly obediente, etc.

Also tomorrow we are going on a ward activity (actually just a priesthood activity) we are going to the "desembocadura" (which is right here in hualpèn where the Bio Bio river meets the ocean) Its gonna be super cool, we are gonna have a big BBQ and really try to strengthen and animate all the men in this ward!

I love this work. I know its true. And I know that the worth of souls is GREAT in the sight of the Lord. And I also know that there is more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than of 99 just persons that need no repentance! And the Atonement makes that all possible!

les quiero!
un abrazo,
Elder Hartvigsen

Nov. 30, 2016 6 months here in Hualpen

Mini cambio with Elders Mesa and Murillo

Elder Mesa on the right is from Columbia but his family just moved to Provo!

and the guy in the blue shirt next to my comp is Hermano Luman who is hilarious, and is the member who helped us the whole time, because we always met in his house and he is good friends with Santos. The other guy on the left is this Evangelical dude that is friends with them both that just came to watch. Apparently he loved the service, and could be interested :)

P-day eve pizza party

Hey guys!!! So we had a super great week. First and foremost because.... Santos got baptized! POR FIN (finally!) haha

It definitely took him a while... but he is super happy about the decision he made, and I have good hope that he will remain strong in the church!

 Elder Parker got to baptize him!! I mean... I would have loved to have done it seeing that it would have been my first one and all. But the important thing is that Santos got to choose. He didn't really have a preference, he just said "uhhh Elder Parker perhaps, because I think it would be easier for you to do it because you are bigger". hahaha I was like WHAT? are you kidding me man? I could have totally handled it ;)

Also today is transfers, and all 4 of us in the house stay the same. So that should be interesting, because Im going to be in Hualpèn for 4 cambios or 6 months. The only thing that is going to chance is the fact that I am gonna be District Leader this cambio! President called me last night on the phone to extend the calling. It should be interesting. voy a tener cualquier pega! (I am gonna have tons of work to do!) But I'm really excited about the next opportunity to serve :)

So summer is definitately getting here FINALLY! Its pretty hot, and basically things are going well, not much to report on. Actually yesterday was our first sunday in our church building. Because for the last 6 months we had been attending in the Stake Center and that really made the entire ward become really discouraged, and the attendance dropped to about 60 and now that we are in our ward, I think its going to be way better for the people here. We had 86 in church yesterday, with the confirmation of Santos as well! It was an EXCELLENT sunday :)

Have a great last month or so of school right? Or a couple weeks before Christmas vacation! I love you all tons. Thanks for the prayers and support on your behalf!

chaito. un abrazo
Elder Hartvigsen

Monday, November 23, 2015

Nov. 23, 2015 A baptism...or two!

holy cow I just got an email from an investigator in Talcahuano that told me he got baptized yesterday!!!!!  What a cool experience :) his wife was the member, and he is catholic, they are a young couple named Carlos and Carolain :) We taught them and I was transferred before He had decided to be baptized!!!
Me with Carlos and Carolain while we were teaching them!  I love them so much!

Well,  I've got some good news for you mom. I got pretty sick for 2 days this week and was throwing up a bunch. And thats good news because I lost a bunch of weight AND I FIT INTO MY OLD SUITS NOW :) hahaha

Well, some highlights are 1. Santos has a baptismal interview this wednesday, and is getting baptized on Saturday at 5 oclock.!!! :) But lets be honest..... Im not believing it until I am standing in the font with that man at my side dressed in white! haha hopefully everything goes through this week, without any complications!

Also, something super super sad I found out about this week is that  an Elder's dad passed away on thursday. And so he went home on friday to be with the family. Which is just terrible in general. But especially because he was my comp when hard stuff was happening, and he almost went home like twice...but then finally decided to stay for 3 more months and finish. And then his dad passes away. I just hope: one that he doesn't have regrets about staying.... even though he probably will have wished he had gone home when he had the chance. And I hope this doesn't like harm his testimony of the gospel, because  his family is all less active.  So please pray for him and his family if you can! Thanks guys!

Anyways... mom I finally sent the christmas package for you guys today. We went into correoschile just to make sure they hadnt changed the rules of sending things to the USA. And they hadnt.... so I was gonna have to do it the expensive way, but we talked to the lady for a while and she ended up going to the back of the store and either calling the same number that I called, or asked someone else and she came back out and said yeah you guys are good to send what you are sending. She said "I dont have the slightest clue why they are going to allow candy and clothes now, because they never allow it.... but she asked and they said that we are good to go." And my comp and I were so happy, and knew that it was a pure tender mercy from our Father in Heaven who watches out and cares for us so many times its unbelievable! It never ceases to amaze me!

Thats about it for this week, I am gonna finish the book of mormon this week as well which should be great! :) Anyways, I hope this isnt my last week here in Hualpèn with Elder Parker.... because next week is cambios. So we will see what the Lord has in store for me next cambio?

con mucho amorcito
Elder Hartvigsen

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nov. 16, 2015 Leaving the 99, and looking for the 1

Hey everyone! well... this has been a great week, and I had
 two really cool experiences that re-testified to me the importance,
 and the significance of the scripture found in Luke 15

3 ¶And he spake this parable unto them, saying, 4 What 
man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of
 them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the
 wilderness, and goafter that which is lost, until he 
find it? 5 And when he hath found it, he layeth it on 
his shoulders, rejoicing. 6 And when he cometh 
home, he calleth together hisfriends and neighbours,
 saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have 
found my sheep which was lost. 7 I say unto
 you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety
 and nine just persons, which need no repentance.

So the first is this: We brought Eduardo Maldonado to church
 with his wife and 2 kids. He is an inactive member as of years
 ago... and is like 36 years old. And we went to go pick them up
 in the morning, and he was dressed in his suit and everything, 
and his wife (evangelical) and his little 9 year old (nonmember)
daughter were dressed so pretty and all ready to go to church. 
As we were talking to him and walking to church he said "mis 
padres estàn contentìsimos que me estoy acercando de nuevo 
a la iglesia" basically "my parents are SOO HAPPY that I am 
returning back to church". Because his whole family is active
 in a ward in Talcahuano, he is just the about the only one in the
 family that is away from the church. But I could just imagine
 the joy his parents would feel seeing him and his family coming
 back to church again. Seriously, sitting in church with that family 
and Santos (who has a baptismal date for Nov. 28 and who is 
progressing super well) was truly a sweet spiritual experience! :) 

Just thinking about the importance of looking for the 1 lost sheep.

And the other experience was this: leaving to lunch one day walking
 out of our apartment there was a man behind us with a toolbox in his 
hand who kind of called out under his breath to us "hermanos ELDER"
 and so we turned and started talking to him for a bit. the other 2 elders 
with us just kept walking and went to lunch, but this guy began to tell 
us that he got baptized a long time ago and has been inactive for a long
 time. but used to be ward mission leader, and in the bishopric and lots 
of other callings. But he is separated, and living in Coronel with his
 girl friend (he was like 50 years old) and goes to the Catholic church 
each week "just to hear a little bit of the word of god". But doesn't
 practice their religion because he knows our church is true..... but 
said he cant go back to our church, because of how he is living, 
and he recognizes it, and everyone would judge him for being there. 
And then what happens next was the coolest part. I asked him "Oh Victor,
 so you feel like you cant return to church because you would feel 
uncomfortable with everyone looking at you because you cant really 
take the sacrament... right?"  he said "YES, thats exactly right" Then 
we were able to boldly testify that it only matters what God thinks, not 
what other people think of us. And this gospel, is a gospel of healing.... 
and a gospel of change! And that the Lord loved him, and knew his 
situation, and wants him to return to church, because even if he isn't 
worthy to take the sacrament now... thats the first step on the miraculously
 sweet path to repentance! I also told him to go talk to the Bishop, because 
the bishop will always lovingly help us get back on the right path, with
 the saviors help, and without judging!

And he just began to cry. And I just felt an incredibly strong spirit of love
 at that time. I felt like I loved this guy Victor so much! And I felt like God 
was directly using us as instruments to tell him how much the lord loved 
him, and needed him back on his team! So we gave him a huge hug and 
then went to lunch. And about 5 minutes later when I was thinking about
 everything that just happened.... the words from my mission setting apart
 blessing came clearly into my mind "you will see members who have lost
 their way, or new investigators. You will be a master teacher, perceiving
 their very thoughts, like King Lamoni. Its a spiritual gift." And basically
 for the past 15 months I have been trying so hard to live worthily, and 
working hard enough so that I could see at least one of those promised
 blessings I have be fulfilled. And the spirit testified to me that I saw it 
fulfilled. To everyone else it may have been a really small and virtually
insignificant little thing that happened. But to me, it was exactly the 
spiritual jump start that I needed :)

We are the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Its our
 responsibility to go out and find all of our brothers and sisters that
 are lost right now... and bring them back. Because the worth of
 souls is great in the sight of the Lord! :)

thats basically the things that happened this week. haha sorry it was 
so long. have a great week, and talk to you guys next week!

chao chao

Elder Hartvigsen :)

Attachments9:47 AM (22 hours ago)
Pinata for the party for the Elders going home

The Elders who are going home, or "dying"

Party for them with amazing Mexican food

An Hermana from our ward made all of this!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nov. 9, 2015 Stake Conf. in Talcahuano!

Halloween Missionary style

My trainee wearing the tie Andrew Bybee gave me

Is this ok with the Mission President?


Elder Villasanti, the Sickest Argentine EVER!

"I swear we don't eat like this all the time mom!" Eating at Grandpa Chicken "Tata Pollo"

No wonder Chase had to buy a new suit!

Hey everyone!! Well this week was stake conference. Which was really great! It was my second one in Talcahuano.... because Hualpèn is in the stake Talcahuano South, and my first sector was Talcahuano North. And the turn out was over 400 people which is the biggest congregation I have seen so far here on my mission! Even though thats like a normal sacrament meeting to us hahah.

After the conference some dude outside watched all the latino missionaries walk by and waited until my companion and I got close to him and called us over to talk to him. And was like "you guys arent from around here right?" uhh No. from the USA we said. And he was like yeah okay let me tell you how I feel about your church... and began to tell us that we have a corrupt church that is extremely worldy because one time he went into the church building and there were teenages listening to rock music. And he was trying to convince us that we need to stop mixing "the things of god" and "the things of the world" , My comp and I were bewildered at how absurd that whole interaction was. We just told him to back down basically and not worry about the little things that make him hate our church, and worry on the big things... like obtaining a testimony about Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon etc. Im pretty sure he just wanted to talk to us gringos because he thought we wouldn't be able to respond to what he had to say... and probably just wanted to feel good for putting our beliefs down.  who knows? Thats definately not the first time thats happened!

Well besides that, its been a fairly slow week. Other than the really great family we found ( a guy that we contacted 2 weeks ago) name Eduardo. He told us he was a long time inactive member. So we went and finally found him in his house and his whole family is active in Talcahuano. And the 8 year old daughter was about to get baptized earlier this year there with her cousin but for some reason the dad didnt make it to an interview and she couldnt... but she still wants to be baptized. And the dad wants her too as well, because he told us that he isnt living the commandments... but realizes that he needs to change it, and wants to reactive in our ward and be able to be sealed one day in the temple with his wife and daughter. The wife is evangelical but receptive... and yesterday they went to talcahuano because their grandpa blessed the baby boy in church, but we are hopping that this week they come with us to church. They are really awesome! Pray for the Maldonado family yeah? :) thanks guys!

Thats all for now! Love you tons!

que tengan una muy buena semana
Elder Hartvigsen

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 Heaven Father hears and answers prayers!

My new sick leather scripture cases!

plus a service activity we did for Hermana Elvira.

(picando leña..... or chopping wood)

Hermana Elvira

The wallet miracle!

Happy missionaries!

With the awesome member Marcos Molina who helped us get the wallet back!!!

Penco Beach

Hey guys whats up?

Well... its been a great week here! let me just start off with the highlight of the week. And it was a pure miracle that we saw!!.....saturday morning (being the weekend of "day of the dead") there was a huge multi-stake activity at the big cemetery in concepcion. And so after finishing setting up the tables and stuff, we were ready to go back to our sector when my comp elder parker realized he left his wallet on the bus. He had set it down to pay the driver and forgot to put it back in his jacket!

And so we kind of panicked and called the office so they could cancel his credit card, so that no one could use it to buy stuff right. Then we got permission, to use a members cell phone to write his family and tell them quickly the same... to cancel his home credit card. Then they advised us to maybe go to the bus terminal because there was a possibility (a very small one) that someone honest had found the wallet and turned it in to the bus driver, and he had turned it into the office at the terminal. So this guy in our ward who is so great Marcos Molina offered to drive us to Lirquen where the terminal is. It was like a 25 min. drive from Concepciòn. And so we all had a prayer in our heart that we would find it... and when we got there, the guy at the office had said that the driver found it and turned it in. we quickly reviewed what was inside and everything was there!!!... both credit cards, his insurance card, his utah drivers license, temple recommend, the only thing that was missing was 3,000 pesos in cash. (equivalent of like 5 dollars) haha a PURE BLESSING!!

And so we called the office back, and he hadn't canceled the card yet.... and we wrote back to his family, and they hadn't canceled his card basically everything was back to normal! and nothing even happened! so on the way home, we pulled the car over to say a prayer of thanks. Because seriously heavenly Father answered our prayers..... and took care of us.... like he always does!

And then on the way home we also stopped in Penco to take a picture on the beautiful beach there :) a selfie with the three of us, and my comps wallet.... to remember the moment!! haha I will send the pic!

And apart from that.... its been a difficult week as far as the work goes. this sector seriously is dead, as far as the people go. out of 100 contacts or people that we talk to in the street, I would be willing to stay that 20 or 30 give us their addresses, and then out of all those people, MAYBE we get let into 1 house to teach someone. Its been 2 weeks here with my comp, and we have been let into 1 house.... to teach a first lesson. its super rough here. And I think its been just a tad hard for him to get used to that. Everyone has to adjust their expectations when they arrive here. But the good news is our eternal investigator Santos accepted baptismal date again for Nov. 21! we had a turning point lesson, where I totally believe my companion as inspired that morning to choose Moses 6 to share with him. Where it talks about Adams baptism, and stuff. Which I totally didn't even know was in there....(you learn new things everyday in the scriptures) and he was so interested by that. He just said, a few years ago a friend of mine told me that the bible is simply missing things... and he said he was so surprised but glad to have read that, and so we bought him a triple book (with bom, d and C and pearl of great price for him this week) so please pray for him! We were fasting for him yesterday! :)

Everything else is great here! Love you all tons... and hope you have a stellar week!

Un abrazo,
chao chao
Elder Hartvigsen

(the beach in penco with marcos molina and my comp.... even though I look rather ugly in this selfies ;) its sick!! )

Oct. 26, 2015 My new greenie!

Hey guys!!!

So I guess halloween is coming up this week right?  Its going to be just like any other day here in Chile. Its sort of lame because you don't really see many people dressed up in costumes and hardly anyone goes "Trick Or Treating", but we may have to just change that.... and dress up as Jehovah's Witnesses (actually just put on those hats they use) and go trick or treating in our apartment building?? haha

Anyways.... let me tell you about my new companion. His name is Elder Parker. And he is from South Jordan, UT. (But went to Riverton High school) He is a really great kid. And we get along SUPER WELL! Its actually been really fun to have a companion from Utah, mostly because we relate really well to each other and have SO MANY common interests! And so yeah, I was definitely a bit nervous when I found out I was gonna train a brand new missionary. But at the same time, humbled and excited!! :) The coolest part of the week was the new trainers meeting we had in Concepciòn. It was actually a really motivating and spiritual experience for me. Mostly to be able to see all the 12 or so brand new missionaries get here, and all bare their testimonies and everything. It was super powerful! To see how excited they all were, and with tons of energy and stuff. And hearing all the gringos speak in their beginning stages of spanish just brought me back to the good old days of when I got to the mission!

Anyways... it was super great! I will send a pic or 2 from this week of us together.

So the weather here is so dang bi-polar. Because its been rainy, and hot and sunny, and cloudy, all at the same time.  Changing back and forth super randomly. Thats how the month of August should be.... but October (practically November) should be getting into summer time. We will just have to see what mother nature has in store for us here in Conce :) But my poor comp. got soaked this week, because he doesn't have rain pants or rain boots yet... and one day it started pouring rain out of the middle of no where and we rain to take cover at a members house... like 5 minutes away, and and to then open their gate and walk under their little plastic roof they have. But the thing is.... all the collected rain from the roof, runs onto that little piece of plastic that sticks out right over the gate, so there was basically a huge waterfall that we had to go under to get to their dry patio. hahaha I felt like I was at a public pool, where they have those little waterfalls to play in. We both got pretty wet as we passed through the Niagra Falls of Hualpen!

And usually the food we eat here is pretty good!! But this week.... we had one dish that was an absolute FAILURE! We walk into lunch on thursday, and this older lady had prepared the first plate of food for us asparagus! But not any old asparagus..... dark green, and incredibly SLIMY asparagus. And a ton of it as well! haha ah man I almost puked trying to eat that stuff. I put a whole bunch of ajì (or hot sauce) on it to take away the flavor.... but that made it really spicy, and slimy as well! haha I basically just swallowed each bite. Other than that, the food we have here is pretty good :)

We found one investigator named Eric this week. He is like 28 ish.... and is different...which makes it a little interesting :)

He basically just wanted to know about God, because he didn't know anything. And so we taught him a tiny bit, and then went to pick him up sunday morning for church at his house. He seemed super excited and everything. We got there sunday morning at 9 am and his grandma came out and said "he is sleeping and doesn't want to get up.... But if you guys can come wake him up, and somehow drag him to church.... I WOULD BE SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL!!" haha so we went into his room and he was fully sleeping in bed. (It reminded me of the time we went to pick Mitch up for mission prep one morning hahaha) Anyways, he was kind of mad at his grandma and ended up not wanting to go. So we went to church without him.  Hopefully we can get another appointment with him this week :) Anyways.... I hope you guys have a stellar week yeah?

Con harto amor!
Elder Hartvigsen

pics (here we are at the mission office.. DAY 1. also when we went to this farmers market to by fruits and vegetables, and some really cool fog from our apartment room window this morning)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Oct. 19, 2016 T- minus 3 years para el Templo de Concepcion!

well helloooo there everybody! haha whats up? hope you've all had a good week!! We had an awesome week too! Saturdayy was great, because it was the ground breaking of the Conce temple! And Elder Teixiera, President Gonzalez (the area president) and Elder Ferreira (his counselor, who is from Concepcion, and is a 70) all came down for the event! And basically only the stake presidencies of the area and the families were invited... and some bishops and other few that were invited! And we just watched the transmission in our stake center. But The coolest part for me was when they offered the dedicatory prayer. Dedicating that spot specifically for the temple and this whole region basically for the strength and growth of the church. As President Walter Gonzalez offered the prayer, he asked everyone in attendance and those watching to join him and bow their heads in prayer as well. I don't know why, but that just stood out to me, and I couldn't help but think of our Heavenly Father watching down over us all in that sacred time. And I just felt that he was happy and pleased with the saints here in Chile. It was really a kind of sweet experience. And I was sure blessed to be a part of it. And its incredible to think how many people will be benefited from this temple, (on the earth, and in the Spirit world)

Umm.. the work has been kind of tough here. Not gonna lie. We seem to struggle hard to find investigators, and then when we do find them.... they end up bailing out, and not wanting to continue. Carlos and Natalie we still have some hope for them. But Carlos  did call us to cancel the appointment on Saturday (for the 2nd time that week) and basically said he was okay with us coming over, but his wife (catholic) feels kind of pressured and needs more time before she wants us to come by another day. Its only a big bummer, because I feel sometimes like there really isn't much more we can do for them. We just pray and pray that the spirit will touch them, but somehow they don't the answers to prayers that they need Or they just don't want to accept it. Obviously we cant change that, but its okay.... Im trying to keep remembering that NO GOOD ACT OR DEED EVER GOES UNNOTICED!!

Anyways, my companion is getting transferred to finish his mission (2 cambios in the blithering heat of Chillàn!) And I am staying here in Hualpèn with a brand spankin new greenie! haha Im gonna train!! :) Im actually super excited about it! A little nervous, just hoping I will be able to be the best example, and best trainer I can be for my new comp. Also hoping that he comes into the field motivated and ready to rumble! Because that fresh greenie faith, is what we need here to find the lost sheep :) 

Anyways guys, keep reading the Book of Mormon. And I am just about to finish Alma. What a powerful book that one is! And my next goal after I finish the BOM in December, is to read the New Testament again. I gotta freshen up my mind, to be able to combat against all the dang Jehovahs Witnesses here. haha no just kiddin, obviously bible bashing doesn't work.... but yes I do need to get to know the bible better! Ha, its ridiculous how every person in my sector is either JW, Catholic, or Evangelical.... Anyways, pray for the work here. Please!

Love you tons!
Con harto cariño
Elder Hartvigsen :)