Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 A Stake Conference for just Chile with Pres. Nelson

The empanadas Pablito taught us to make

Our district

Cooking in Pablitos kitchen in an old house he was born in 60 years ago

Cooking in a mud oven

Making Brazo de Reina a dessert with caramel sauce

Hey guys!!

So, first off thanks a ton for the birthday package mom. I loved the BYU shirts, and the candy :) I gave everyone in my district a Jolly Rancher sucker after district class and they loved them. Because half the district is from South America and has never seen those things before, so well done! ha Also I have a bunch of stories from this week.

1. While contacting in the streets, one of my companions goes up to this guy sitting down listening to a little handset radio and starts talking to him. And one of the first things my comp says in the contact is "Hey do you have any questions about religion in general for us?" (which by the way is a ROOKIE move. hahaha because first he probably is going to either ask a stupid question, or not know what to say and just end the contact haha) anyways the guy says "yeah I do have a question for you kiddos... what type of rooster was it that crowed after Peter denied Christ?" and we were all just busting up inside. I was like "uhh... an african rooster with green feathers???" haha. and he told us that in aramaic or somethig rooster actually means trumpet, and so it wasnt a rooster that crowed but rather the trumped that sounded in the night. We hear such crazy things talking to everyone all day in the street. haha

2. So Monday night after a family home evening we were coming back to the house and at 10 pm we were finishing our contacts, and this mini van stops on the street and this man jumps out of the car with a US soccer hat, and a BYU shirt and starts talking to us in english, and then his whole family got out of the car. and turns out it was a family from St. George who the dad had served in Lirquén 30 years ago, and the daughter just finished her mission in Viña Del Mar in January. and they were visiting their missions. It was super fun to talk to them, and it really cheered up our whole night. And their 2 little brothers reminded me exactly of cole and brit. they had BYU shirts, and nike elite socks, and retro flat billed hats and everything. haha it got me super excited to tour around here with you guys in august. The mom took a photo and I gave her your name and number mom. so if she hasn't called you yet, she will. she wants to give you ideas for when you come down here,  :) also they gave us a bunch of cookies (nutterbutters, oreos, chips ahoy etc.) super fun!!

3.We had a super special Stake Conference yesterday, that was transmitted from SLC and it went to all the stakes in Chile. And President Russel M. Nelson directed it, and him, and Elder Soares, and Dean M. Davies all spoke and they all spoke in Spanish! Which the members all loved, and I thought it was super cool as well. the theme was KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS. the same as pres. monsons talk, but directed to the saints in chile. which lets be honest a lot of members pick and choose which commandments to keep. like they drink de-caf coffee thinkings its okay because the caffeine is the reason why we don't drink it (which is not true) or buying bread on Sundays etc....

4. A super fun activity we did in the morning with the zone is where we went to the house of this member in the ward of the zone leaders in Penco and he taught us how to make empanadas and this dessert "brazo de reina" or "queens arm" which is just loaded with manjar (carmal dressing) and sugar etc. ha I will send pics, because the coolest part is how we cooked them. In a mud oven :)

P.S. the internet in concepcion wast working and so we are currently writting from Elder Fuentealbas grandparents hosue :) and we ate lunch here as well. haha :)

love you guys tons!!!
Elder Hartvigsen

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7, 2016 The Bible and Book of Mormon support each other!

Trying to find people to teach!

Returning from lunch through the forest
Finding this "Mapuche" (the native Chilean Indians) family from our ward collecting pine cones

  Pine cones to use in their home made of brick and mud oven to made home made bread :)

other cool facts I leraned this week. We found this returned missionary (inactive) that HARVY UNGA baptized! 

and you know the kid from the movie 2 brothers, and all of the episodes on the mormon channel about him? yeah he was in Lirquén when the huge earthquake of 2010 hit Talcahuano!!

Hey guys,

so... things are going well here in Lirquén. We don't have any investigators really, but we are working on that. We are planning an activity to go to the plaza one day with a table, and a bunch of Books of Mormon and cool pass along cards that I made that how how the Book of Mormon and the Bible support each other, and how the B.O.M. clarifies a lot of things that are just lightly mentioned in the bible. Hopefully the activity turns out successful.

Oh Brady, something super cool is that this week I met an elder in my mission that is from Lima, Peru. Actually one of the wards you served in. His name is Ricardo Sialer and he is from the ward "Bolognesi in the stake "Chorrillos" and is the nephew of your ward mission leader Percy Sanchez. and is a part of the family Lomas-Mermutt. And turns out (mom and dad) that, that is actually the very same ward that we went to church when we picked Brady up in Lima. How cool right?? And Elder Sialer, told me that he remembers seeing me when we went to his ward. haha how crazy right, now we are in the same mission. I think he didnt' know Brady super well. He said he only left like once to accompany him or his companion I don't remember, but recognized me, and my last name obviously! 
... some cool things about my sector, every Thursday we eat in this restaurant called "El Rincon Marino" because the Bishop is the owner. And so we eat there for free, instead of eating at his house during the week. I am going to for sure take you guys there when you come yeah? Also the Bishop speaks english, because he served his mission in Arizona. And he has literally 5 brothers in the ward, and they  all have callings like the ward mission leader, the high priest group leader etc. ha they are a super strong family and are great. Literally all of Lirquén are family. Everyone married someone from their same ward, and they all just live their whole lives here so everyone is related. Its a great ward.

Also Get pumped for General Conference coming up!! Such a great experience. 2 different people while we were contacting them said, "no thanks I dont want to listen, I already have my religion.... but you know what, I LOVE your tabernacle choir you guys have, they are increible" and we were like "oh we know they are amazing... you know what on April 2, and 3 there is going to be a Mo Tab concert in Penco (the stake center) its going to be live transmitted from the united states. You guys gotta come!" I think we are going to have some visitors for general conference  :) haha

Thanks for the birthday packaeg mom. I havn't opened it yet, but it got here today. Love you guys tons!!

Elder Hartvigsen

pic "trying to find people to teach"