Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept. 28, 2015 October here we come!

Hey guys!! Well with October right aroud the corner, we`ve got 2 HUGE events that are gonna be epic for the people here! 1 obviously being the General Conference this upcoming weekend! :))) and the 2nd being on October 17, its the groundbreaking of the Chile Concepciòn temple! That truly is going to change the lives of so many people. It will make temple attendance a lot more possible and frequent for MANY MANY saints! Also remember that when a temple is constructed, it lessens Satans power in that area! What an incredible blessing :)

Well this week we actually found a really great family! Its a couple named Carlos, and Natalie. Carlos is an inactive member. He is like 35 ish right now, and grew up in the church, but hasnt gone since he was 18 years old. And his wife Natalie is catholic. But it truly was a miracle how we found them. Over a month ago a sister in our ward told us there was a lady who lived on their street who has a little store in front of her house (incredibly common in Chile haha) who is a member of the church, but long time of being inactive. So we passed by to talk to her and she was friendly but basically said yeah Im not that interested, but my son Carlos would probably be more interested. So we commited her to talk to him, and we would pass by another day to see if He had agreed for us to go by his house. Everytime we went by to talk to her she said "oh sorry I havent talked to him yet...." it was just always the same excuse. And after like 4 or 5 times of the same thing, a few days ago we were walking quickly by her house and I had the still, but strong impression to just stop and ask her one more time. So my comp and I walked in and she was actually there with her son. And we talked to him for a few minutes and he seemed super excited and wanted us to go visit him on saturday (2 days ago).

So basically he has really good memories from the mormon church and him and his wife said they are just looking for which church to join (as a whole family) Because they want their son Matthew (a baby) to grow up in the gospel. Anyways, Natalie is super open and they both said the Mormon church definiately could be the one where we go, its between you guys and the Evangelicals... hahaha.

So we taught the Restoration to her, and helped remind carlos as well. Anyways Carlos seems super excited about the General Conference because he has great memories of it in the past, so we are thinking they are gonna come with us this weekend! Anyways, please pray for them yeah! Pray that the Evangelical missionaries dont go knocking on their door anytime soon! haha:)

Also something really cool that I read in the Book of Mormon is the story of Ammon and his brethren. Its classic, but it never gets old! But after the well known story of Ammon, what called my attention was just the way/form in which Ammon taught King Lamoni. He uses the knowledge that the King already has, and builds on that. To not confuse him. Relates his knowledge of "The Great Spirit" and teaches him that he is God. And basically starts from the beginning teaching him. LIterally the beginning, The creation of Man. Then the fall of Adam. and the Plan of Redemption etc. (this is found in Alma 18)

Then the coolest thing is found in Alma 22, where Aaron teaches King Lamoni`s Father. He teaches him in exactly the same form that Ammon taught Lamoni. Why? Because it was given to them by the Spirit what they had to teach. And of course Lamoni`s dad accepted as did Lamoni, but if you dont remember the story of Lamoni`s  Dad`s interaction with Ammon and Lamoni... its legendary! RE-READ it!! I freaking love EL LIBRO DE MORMÒN.

Those are basically the highlights of the week. Its been a rainy week as well... I'm thinking once Oct starts, we should be basically out of the rainy season! :)

Love you guys tons!
Peace out!

Èlder Hartvigsen

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sept. 21, 2015 Happy Chilean Independance Day! (Sept. 18)

The first wood burning stove I have seen in a Chapel

Random holiday decorations

Awesome ward BBQ 


hasta los autos llevan banderas chilenas :)

Marcos, Jose and the Garcia-Santillan families, she washes our clothes for us!

Evidently it is a law to display a flag on this holiday!

Hey guys!!! I hope you all had a great week... We had a pretty good one here too!

So I hope you got to enjoy all the pictures that I had from this week. So I'm pretty sure that the Chile is either the most patriotic country in the world, or they are the just the ones that take the most advantage to party hard for as long as they can! haha because basically its a holiday the whole week of the 18th. But Friday we had the ward activity and it was really fun!! But seriously Hualpèn was a GHOST TOWN this weekend. There were aboslutely NO ONE in the streets, because everyone who stays in town, just stays in their yard and has BBQ's, and everyone else goes to the campo! (like goes to a ranch house somewhere in the countryside)  Thats why I still wanted to be in Coihueco for the holidays because it would have been legendary!

But anyways, we still had a good time. It was kind of a struggling weekend, because my companion was in pain and sick from his medical issues, that we still don't know what he has. So friday we didn't do much with the holiday, and saturday we didn't even go out to work, and sunday, was just as slow as the other days... so its been a bit hard to keep the level of excitement up and everything... but we are hopìng this week gets better! :)

umm... other than that, there wasn't a ton of details that happened this week. 

All the kids here, fly kites for the holidays. Its pretty cool to see different types of kites all day in the sky, its like a crazy fad here.

And our investigators arent really progressing very well, but we are gonna keep working and trying to find new ones. I hope you guys have a great week, and let me know if you have any questions... Ill be on for a little while! ha :)

Elder Hartvigsen

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sept. 14 Happy Independence Day to Chile!

Hey guys!! Man the Chilean spirit is in the air here!! The streets are all decorated with Chilean flags, and red white and blue streamers and balloons and everything... because Sept. 18 is their Independence Day. And its definiately the biggest holiday of the year down here! And Im pretty sure the celebration basically goes throughout the entire week, but we have an activity planned for the ward this Friday, which is gonna be sick! Its just gonna be a huge asado (BBQ). I will definately send pics of it next week! I think we are going to be eating tons of Sopaipillas, empanadas, pajaritos, and lots of other little chilean treateries ;)

So something that happened this week, was on 9/11 apparently a long time ago there was a huge  government uprising or something.  I'm not really sure what happened, but some rebels tried to overthrow the government I THINK.  not sure... but regardless, every year on Sept. 11 there is so much destruction and riots, and just pure havoc that is reeked throughout the cities. So we had to go home at like 8 oclock at night, but I dont think it would have really been that dangerous here anyway... but in like Santiago, it would be incredible dangerous!! Anyways, the day after (saturday) we did a huge service project in Concepcion. I think it was  world service day or something, But about half the mission all went to Concepcion and we cleaned the streets, and bus stops and stuff for a few hours, so I will send pics also. Nothing TOO exciting, but still. 

Also some guy in the ward gave the other 2 elders this big black Lobster thing (ALIVE) because they wanted to bring it home and pull a prank on me, because they know how much I hate spiders and bugs and stuff.  So when I was in the shower, they put the Lobster on my desk, and hid a camera in the room to film my reaction when I saw it there. It took me like 5 minutes of being in the room to realize it was there, and when I saw it I was like "OH MY HECK! WHAT IS THIS FREAKING CREATURE DOING HERE?" haha It was kind of funny.

Oh and mom, will you please tell grandma that I really enjoyed the package of candy she sent me! She sent GHIRARDELLI chocolates :))))) Some completely scrumpteous flavors like "pumpkin spice", and "egg nog" YUMM! :)

Well with our Investigator Santos, we basically left him with the ultimatum commitment to go home and PRAY for himself to get a sure answer or not. And we promised him, that the Lord would answer him, if he asked with a sincere heart and real intent! And so we are going to meet with him today and If he doesnt have an answer, Im really not sure what else to do. Because we have taught him everything there is to teach someone, and we have left it all in the Lords hands... hoping with the Faith that if the Lord wants this man to be baptized, he will give him the answer he needs!

But if not, we are just gonna keep looking with the faith that there are OTHER people here in Hualpèn that want to hear the gospel!

Oh man, I have loved studying the Book of Mormon lately. I just finished the book of Mosiah, and I think that may be one of my favorite books in the B.O.M. now! haha I have never really read it in chunks of like 7 chapters at a time, and seriously you catch the whole story better, and its incredible to see how all of the story is connected, and its a complete testimony to me that Joseph Smith, nor anyother man could have written such a book... its far too complicated, and TRUE to be made up.

It had to have come forth the way Joseph said it did, and there is no other way. Thats only a tiny little element of my testimony of the Book of Mormon. But every new little element I find, just strengthens it even more...

I hope you guys are feasting upon the words of Christ daily!!! And getting as stoked as I am for the General Conference next month!!! :)

Love you tons,

Èlder Hartvigsen

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept. 7, 2015 Rabies shots!

Hey everyone!! Well guys... its been a good week here! And with the most exciting news of the week already in the title, let me just get to the story haha.

So I got bit by a dog this week! I know... Its not like I was wanting to get bit, but I was kind of expecting it to happen sooner or later. In a country where there are probably more dogs than people.... its inevitable! 

We were knocking on doors in a little gated community, and this lady had 3 dogs outside barking like crazy at us and we just tried to kind of walk past them, but one just lunched forth and attached to my leg!  Bit me hard, and then let go. It all happened super fast, and the lady was like "Oh sorry about that... he's kind of a mean little dog" I was like "Freak, I KNOW! I realized when he bit me!!!" Then she took him inside. Luckily it looked like a somewhat clean, house dog (even though it was pretty bit)... But at least it wasnt one of the really sick, rabbid looking ones in the street. So we went over to a members house that lived close by to use their bathroom to clean off the wound. Then they ended up taking us to the clinic to get a rabies shot. And the worst part is how stupid I felt in the office, because the ladies at the front desk were like "oh yeah you're a foreigner... so we need to see your identification". so I showed it to them, and they asked me where I lived... I said "uhh... The United States...Utah." And they were like "yeah we know... but whats your address here?" haha OOPS, and then we gave it to them, then they asked what happened, and I explained that a dog had bitten me. Then she asked me "¿Cuando naciò?" (When were you born) But I thought she said "¿Cuando paso?" (When did it happen) and I answered "About half an hour ago"... and then they all just started laughing, and were like AWW.... YOUR JUST A BABY THEN! hahaha I felt so stupid!

Anyways, I have to go to that stupid clinic 5 different times, for each different shot. So basically all throughout the month of September.  At least I got a cool story to tell right? ;)

So today is cambios, and all 4 of us elders in the house stay the same. It should be fun, and Im excited to start a new cambio here. This ward really had struggles with unity, and stuff... so we are going to see what we can do to refocus on Reactivating, and Retaining the recent converts! "¡¡hay harta pega!!" (There is a ton of work to be done)

Well, we got less than a month left before General Conference! I am super excited and I hope you guys are gonna watch every session (like you usually do) But its gonna be legendary! 

And well, something that made me super happy to hear was that Ariel, and Camilo (2 of my friends from Coihueco) Got the Melquisedec Preisthood this week! What a cool experience for them!!

Yeah sorry that I dont have tons of new details, but If I think of anything else I will send it! Love you guys tons!!

Elder Hartvigsen