Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sept. 14 Happy Independence Day to Chile!

Hey guys!! Man the Chilean spirit is in the air here!! The streets are all decorated with Chilean flags, and red white and blue streamers and balloons and everything... because Sept. 18 is their Independence Day. And its definiately the biggest holiday of the year down here! And Im pretty sure the celebration basically goes throughout the entire week, but we have an activity planned for the ward this Friday, which is gonna be sick! Its just gonna be a huge asado (BBQ). I will definately send pics of it next week! I think we are going to be eating tons of Sopaipillas, empanadas, pajaritos, and lots of other little chilean treateries ;)

So something that happened this week, was on 9/11 apparently a long time ago there was a huge  government uprising or something.  I'm not really sure what happened, but some rebels tried to overthrow the government I THINK.  not sure... but regardless, every year on Sept. 11 there is so much destruction and riots, and just pure havoc that is reeked throughout the cities. So we had to go home at like 8 oclock at night, but I dont think it would have really been that dangerous here anyway... but in like Santiago, it would be incredible dangerous!! Anyways, the day after (saturday) we did a huge service project in Concepcion. I think it was  world service day or something, But about half the mission all went to Concepcion and we cleaned the streets, and bus stops and stuff for a few hours, so I will send pics also. Nothing TOO exciting, but still. 

Also some guy in the ward gave the other 2 elders this big black Lobster thing (ALIVE) because they wanted to bring it home and pull a prank on me, because they know how much I hate spiders and bugs and stuff.  So when I was in the shower, they put the Lobster on my desk, and hid a camera in the room to film my reaction when I saw it there. It took me like 5 minutes of being in the room to realize it was there, and when I saw it I was like "OH MY HECK! WHAT IS THIS FREAKING CREATURE DOING HERE?" haha It was kind of funny.

Oh and mom, will you please tell grandma that I really enjoyed the package of candy she sent me! She sent GHIRARDELLI chocolates :))))) Some completely scrumpteous flavors like "pumpkin spice", and "egg nog" YUMM! :)

Well with our Investigator Santos, we basically left him with the ultimatum commitment to go home and PRAY for himself to get a sure answer or not. And we promised him, that the Lord would answer him, if he asked with a sincere heart and real intent! And so we are going to meet with him today and If he doesnt have an answer, Im really not sure what else to do. Because we have taught him everything there is to teach someone, and we have left it all in the Lords hands... hoping with the Faith that if the Lord wants this man to be baptized, he will give him the answer he needs!

But if not, we are just gonna keep looking with the faith that there are OTHER people here in Hualpèn that want to hear the gospel!

Oh man, I have loved studying the Book of Mormon lately. I just finished the book of Mosiah, and I think that may be one of my favorite books in the B.O.M. now! haha I have never really read it in chunks of like 7 chapters at a time, and seriously you catch the whole story better, and its incredible to see how all of the story is connected, and its a complete testimony to me that Joseph Smith, nor anyother man could have written such a book... its far too complicated, and TRUE to be made up.

It had to have come forth the way Joseph said it did, and there is no other way. Thats only a tiny little element of my testimony of the Book of Mormon. But every new little element I find, just strengthens it even more...

I hope you guys are feasting upon the words of Christ daily!!! And getting as stoked as I am for the General Conference next month!!! :)

Love you tons,

Èlder Hartvigsen

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