Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept. 7, 2015 Rabies shots!

Hey everyone!! Well guys... its been a good week here! And with the most exciting news of the week already in the title, let me just get to the story haha.

So I got bit by a dog this week! I know... Its not like I was wanting to get bit, but I was kind of expecting it to happen sooner or later. In a country where there are probably more dogs than people.... its inevitable! 

We were knocking on doors in a little gated community, and this lady had 3 dogs outside barking like crazy at us and we just tried to kind of walk past them, but one just lunched forth and attached to my leg!  Bit me hard, and then let go. It all happened super fast, and the lady was like "Oh sorry about that... he's kind of a mean little dog" I was like "Freak, I KNOW! I realized when he bit me!!!" Then she took him inside. Luckily it looked like a somewhat clean, house dog (even though it was pretty bit)... But at least it wasnt one of the really sick, rabbid looking ones in the street. So we went over to a members house that lived close by to use their bathroom to clean off the wound. Then they ended up taking us to the clinic to get a rabies shot. And the worst part is how stupid I felt in the office, because the ladies at the front desk were like "oh yeah you're a foreigner... so we need to see your identification". so I showed it to them, and they asked me where I lived... I said "uhh... The United States...Utah." And they were like "yeah we know... but whats your address here?" haha OOPS, and then we gave it to them, then they asked what happened, and I explained that a dog had bitten me. Then she asked me "¿Cuando naciĆ²?" (When were you born) But I thought she said "¿Cuando paso?" (When did it happen) and I answered "About half an hour ago"... and then they all just started laughing, and were like AWW.... YOUR JUST A BABY THEN! hahaha I felt so stupid!

Anyways, I have to go to that stupid clinic 5 different times, for each different shot. So basically all throughout the month of September.  At least I got a cool story to tell right? ;)

So today is cambios, and all 4 of us elders in the house stay the same. It should be fun, and Im excited to start a new cambio here. This ward really had struggles with unity, and stuff... so we are going to see what we can do to refocus on Reactivating, and Retaining the recent converts! "¡¡hay harta pega!!" (There is a ton of work to be done)

Well, we got less than a month left before General Conference! I am super excited and I hope you guys are gonna watch every session (like you usually do) But its gonna be legendary! 

And well, something that made me super happy to hear was that Ariel, and Camilo (2 of my friends from Coihueco) Got the Melquisedec Preisthood this week! What a cool experience for them!!

Yeah sorry that I dont have tons of new details, but If I think of anything else I will send it! Love you guys tons!!

Elder Hartvigsen

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