Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dec 14, 2015 funniest primary program ever

Hey guys!! So this week in church was by far the most entertaining sacrament meeting I have been in in my entire mission! haha it was the primary program, and there was only about 10 or so kids.... but everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. It was a pure ruckus, because first off about half of the kids when it was their turn to go to the pulpit to bare their testimony or recite a scripture or something, you know, they just froze up and wouldn't speak. So their parents had to come up to the pulpit to try to get them to say their part. And they always chickened out, so all the moms and dads were saying their kids parts. That happened with like 4 different kids. One of the kids had 2 things to say, and went the first time and his mom said the line. Then the second time went up with his dad and his dad said the line. hahaha And even one girl said her testimony really really fast and went and sat back down on the stand, and threw up on the blithering stand! And so the stake high councilmen that were there, ran out and grabbed paper towels and were wiping it up as the program just continue down spiralling. haha But it was just a really funny thing, and they were all so cute though. And there were 119 people (which is a ton) for our ward. 

Also we had the sickest ward field trip thing, where we went to the "disembocadura" and I will send some cool pics. We basically just hiked up this big hill next to the beach, and played soccer, and had a big old BBQ.... Chilean style! With all the priesthood holders in the ward. I think it really served its function, of uniting the ward together, and just enjoying time together outside of Sunday! So this week and the following, we have a whole bunch of Christmas activities in the ward, stake, and mission, and I'm getting super pumped for La Navidad!

Anyways, Eduardo should be able to baptize his 9 year old daughter in a couple weeks, depending on what the Bishop and him decide. But we are going to have to teach her the lessons, and I'm just hoping that I will be here for the baptism! seriously they are such a great family! Well.... those are the highlights of this week. Love you guys tons, and see you in like 2 weeks :)

un abrazo
Èlder Hartvigsen

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dec. 7, 2016 I'm thinking its not going to be a "white Christmas", our summer has arrived

and I just totally ran into Luke yamada again, with Bill Clark (who is jakes brother) haha freaking small world :)

Hey guys!!! how is everybody doing? uhh... I guess I will just wait for the response to that question later ;)

anyways, things are going great here in Concepciòn. Its getting super hot now, and we are counting down the days until Christmas. Its gonna be a good one! And my last one here, thats crazy! Anyways we have been using the churchs new initiative called "A Saviour is born" and we are sharing pass along cards with everyone, and inviting all the members to share the video and share the cards, with the objective that EVERY LIVING SOUL within our mission boundaries sees the video, and visits the website "" hahaha :) But seriously, there is great power behind that message that a savior is born. And really what the world would be like without a Savior would be terrible. Without Hope, and pointless.

So keep that in mind this Christmas yeah? Thats the true meaning of that special holiday! Well we are excited because Santos is progressing now even more. He had an interview with the Bishop yesterday to set goals to receive the Aaronic Priesthood in a short time. Im super excited for him. Also our less active Eduardo  that we found a month or so ago had an interview yesterday as well, to set goals to become active again so that he can baptize his 9 year old daughter Varinia. And now that we are back in our own church building we had 92 people in church yesterday, when there were about 60 or so going a month ago when we were attending in the stake center. I am so blessed to really be seeing the fruits of our labors. And Im excited to be able to pass Christmas and New Years here in the Cerro Verde ward :)

And its kind of fun being district leader. Every thursday and sunday I have to call the other 3 companionsihps in my district and write down their numbers from the week, and the goals they have set, and try to help them progress as a companionship and in their sectors, and then basically pass all that information on to the zone leaders. and I get to do mini cambios with them as well to set goals and be able to learn from each other and see what we can all do to improve. ha. should be fun! Its a lot of work, but thats all good!!

Last wednesday I gave my first district class, and it actually turned out really well!! funny thing is that the Assistants (APs) showed up to our zone that day, which was weird because I had never seen that before in my whole mission. But Elder Moura (who has been assistant for more than 6 months) sat in my class and everything. And it went pretty well. I had to teach for over an hour and a half..... haha I know thats a TON! I taught a little bit about the difference between the things WE CAN control in the mission (obedience, faith, attitude, diligence etc.) and the things WE CANNOT control (whethere or not people accept our message, listen to us in he street, keep commitments etc.) But we will know that we are a successful missionary if we are seeing the spirit work through us, loving those we serve, being exactly obediente, etc.

Also tomorrow we are going on a ward activity (actually just a priesthood activity) we are going to the "desembocadura" (which is right here in hualpèn where the Bio Bio river meets the ocean) Its gonna be super cool, we are gonna have a big BBQ and really try to strengthen and animate all the men in this ward!

I love this work. I know its true. And I know that the worth of souls is GREAT in the sight of the Lord. And I also know that there is more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than of 99 just persons that need no repentance! And the Atonement makes that all possible!

les quiero!
un abrazo,
Elder Hartvigsen

Nov. 30, 2016 6 months here in Hualpen

Mini cambio with Elders Mesa and Murillo

Elder Mesa on the right is from Columbia but his family just moved to Provo!

and the guy in the blue shirt next to my comp is Hermano Luman who is hilarious, and is the member who helped us the whole time, because we always met in his house and he is good friends with Santos. The other guy on the left is this Evangelical dude that is friends with them both that just came to watch. Apparently he loved the service, and could be interested :)

P-day eve pizza party

Hey guys!!! So we had a super great week. First and foremost because.... Santos got baptized! POR FIN (finally!) haha

It definitely took him a while... but he is super happy about the decision he made, and I have good hope that he will remain strong in the church!

 Elder Parker got to baptize him!! I mean... I would have loved to have done it seeing that it would have been my first one and all. But the important thing is that Santos got to choose. He didn't really have a preference, he just said "uhhh Elder Parker perhaps, because I think it would be easier for you to do it because you are bigger". hahaha I was like WHAT? are you kidding me man? I could have totally handled it ;)

Also today is transfers, and all 4 of us in the house stay the same. So that should be interesting, because Im going to be in Hualpèn for 4 cambios or 6 months. The only thing that is going to chance is the fact that I am gonna be District Leader this cambio! President called me last night on the phone to extend the calling. It should be interesting. voy a tener cualquier pega! (I am gonna have tons of work to do!) But I'm really excited about the next opportunity to serve :)

So summer is definitately getting here FINALLY! Its pretty hot, and basically things are going well, not much to report on. Actually yesterday was our first sunday in our church building. Because for the last 6 months we had been attending in the Stake Center and that really made the entire ward become really discouraged, and the attendance dropped to about 60 and now that we are in our ward, I think its going to be way better for the people here. We had 86 in church yesterday, with the confirmation of Santos as well! It was an EXCELLENT sunday :)

Have a great last month or so of school right? Or a couple weeks before Christmas vacation! I love you all tons. Thanks for the prayers and support on your behalf!

chaito. un abrazo
Elder Hartvigsen