Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dec 14, 2015 funniest primary program ever

Hey guys!! So this week in church was by far the most entertaining sacrament meeting I have been in in my entire mission! haha it was the primary program, and there was only about 10 or so kids.... but everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. It was a pure ruckus, because first off about half of the kids when it was their turn to go to the pulpit to bare their testimony or recite a scripture or something, you know, they just froze up and wouldn't speak. So their parents had to come up to the pulpit to try to get them to say their part. And they always chickened out, so all the moms and dads were saying their kids parts. That happened with like 4 different kids. One of the kids had 2 things to say, and went the first time and his mom said the line. Then the second time went up with his dad and his dad said the line. hahaha And even one girl said her testimony really really fast and went and sat back down on the stand, and threw up on the blithering stand! And so the stake high councilmen that were there, ran out and grabbed paper towels and were wiping it up as the program just continue down spiralling. haha But it was just a really funny thing, and they were all so cute though. And there were 119 people (which is a ton) for our ward. 

Also we had the sickest ward field trip thing, where we went to the "disembocadura" and I will send some cool pics. We basically just hiked up this big hill next to the beach, and played soccer, and had a big old BBQ.... Chilean style! With all the priesthood holders in the ward. I think it really served its function, of uniting the ward together, and just enjoying time together outside of Sunday! So this week and the following, we have a whole bunch of Christmas activities in the ward, stake, and mission, and I'm getting super pumped for La Navidad!

Anyways, Eduardo should be able to baptize his 9 year old daughter in a couple weeks, depending on what the Bishop and him decide. But we are going to have to teach her the lessons, and I'm just hoping that I will be here for the baptism! seriously they are such a great family! Well.... those are the highlights of this week. Love you guys tons, and see you in like 2 weeks :)

un abrazo
Èlder Hartvigsen

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