Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 31, 2015, My last Aug 31, on my mission! One year left!

An amazing p-day with the district, visiting the ships in Talchuano

El Huascar, The Peruvian ship

I'm using my rain gear, ALOT

The hats Elder Butler knitted for us.

The grren one is for Brazil's colors for Elder Abreu

Hey guys!! Today is my last August 31st in the mission..... hahaha

Well I am doing great here, enjoying the end of winter, and looking forward to summer! And as far as updates go for my sector, our Investigator Santos says that he still wants to get baptized but wants to wait until October when we are attending in our normal church building. And after he can get to know more and more members. Because he feels like he knows only a couple, and wants to really have friends in the ward and everything... so we still have hope for him! hah

I don't know if I told you about Marcos or not... but he is this super great guy who is returning to activity in the church. As of 3 months ago, he was completely inactive and hadn't gone to church in YEARS. (In spite of being a returned missionary like 15 years prior) Anyways... we have been working with him, and he is really progressing. Mostly because he has a son Josè (12 years old) that he wants to grow up in the church. He is already a member, but hasn't gone to church in years just like his dad. But they are progressing super well, and actually yesterday Josè received the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained a Deacon. It was so awesome to see the family all there together, and know that this is going to be a great blessing for that family in multiple ways... 1. The dad feels the responsibility to raise his child in the church, and help his son accomplish his Priesthood duties. 2. The relationship between the two is being strengthened. 3. They have been studying the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet together and are just making lots of progress and really making GOOD changes in their lives! So that was definitely a highlight from this week.

And something so funny from yesterday was Hermano Nelson who is a recent convert of like 6 months, and is like 65 years old. He used to be Catholic or Evangelical (Im not sure which). But he always makes so many comments during the sacrament, when it is so quiet but his voice is heard echoing all throughout the room. He just says things under his breath like "I am going to receive DOUBLE blessings today :)" or "I feel so strengthened right now" haha... and when the deacon passed him the tray he took the bread and exclaimed "GRACIAS, HIJO MIO, GRACIAS!" (thank you my son, thank you) hahaha all the members were just smiling and I was sitting right next to him smilling also. There is nothing wrong with that.... its just how he shows his appreciation to God, and to that young Deacon :) And the best part is when we were singing the hymns, I have a pocket sized hymn book and I asked if he could read the little lettering to sing along with me, and he says " yeah hold on one second"... and pulls out a little yellow magnifying glass from his jacket pocket, and holds it right up next to his eye, with the book right behind it and sang along with me! :) haha It made me smile so much, but at the same time I knew Heavenly Father was pleased with the efforts this man is making to come to church, and renew his covenants and everything, probably without fully understanding exactly WHY! He just knows he feels good in the church, and thats it! :)

And I guess that puts my stories from this week to an end. We have one more week left in this cambio, even though I don't think much will change this cambio.... but WHO KNOWS? Crazy things happen during cambios... crazy things! I think we have about one more week or rain and then it should be turning into summer! Thats what everyone says. Anyways, I will send some pictures afterwards. Love you guys! Have a stellar week, and remember to keep studying the scriptures DAILY. The Book of Mormon specifically!!!! :)

Con mucho amor,
Elder Hartvigsen

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