Monday, August 24, 2015

Aug 24, 2015 Visiting El Huascar, the Peruvian boat

a mini cambio with Elder Troncoso, Robertson and Sellers

Random pic, ours towels drying on the balcony

Me and my comp Elder Flores

Awesome pizzas we made

helllooooo again everybody ;) 

Well its been another good week here in Hualpèn. I hope all of you especially Cole and Brit enjoyed their first week of school!! woo hoo! You gotta give me the details about it. Anyways, today we had district class early in the morning, because we are changing the P day up a little bit for only this week. Because tomorrow we are going on a Zone activity to Talcahuano to see this boat they have called "El Huascar" It was Peruvian boat that had a big role to play in the history of Chile. Its an interesting story, my chilean companion gave me the whole run down.  You can look it up if you want. Anyways, it should be fun, and I'm super excited because Its in the Port of Talcahuano, where my first sector was. After living there for 6 months, we never went inside the boat, but I saw it from the distance EVERY SINGLE DAY.  So it should be a fun thing, and I will send pics of it next week.

Well we had a super great P-day eve yesterday because it was Elder Abreu`s birthday (the brazilian elder that lives with us) and so Saturday we bought stuff to make pizza, and made 4 pizzas last night and we went to the Mormon movie theater. (haha the portable DVD player we have with movies from the church) And we even made a dessert pizza too, it was delicious! I will send pics.

Well our investigator Santos that I told you about is still coming to church and everything, but they had a lesson with him last week and I wasn't there because we had a mini cambio that day, and apparently he said he just isn't quite prepared to be baptized. He says that he still needs to learn more, and thats basically his biggest impidment. Which is a little frusterating, If I were there I would have explained and asked him If he thinks that all the 8 year old children that are baptized are fully prepared, and know everything they need to know at that age. OF COURSE NOT! But that is what the Lord has commanded, and so we must do it. But we are gonna try to have another lesson this week and see if we can help him progress.

We had a great first lesson with a Lady yesterday named Ester. She is an older grandma thats probably close to 80 years old. And we saw her walking in the street, and I stopped her and simply offered to carry her grocery bags for her, and so we walked her about 5 minutes to her house and then I asked if we could come in and share a message about Jesus Christ and stuff... and she said yes. And basically was super receptive and expressed her question about "Why on earth are there so many churches, and why do they all teach different things, if there is only ONE GOD?!" sound familiar????  What a seeker of truth, right?

Anyway, we tought the Restoration and it seemed to give her a little more answers to her questions, and obviously we left her the challenge to pray and ask god if its true. And we are going back on wednesday to see how it went! If you can, please pray that she might receive an answer that she will be able to comprehend (obviously if its the Lords will.)

And well... the scripture thought that I want to share this week that has really made an impact on me is found in 2 Nephi 25:26

26 And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.

Well, if you havent realized... everything we do in this church is based on Christ. We talk of him, we preach of him, we prophesy of him we rejoice in him right? but the question is.... WHY? Well, we do all that SO THAT our children (or whomever else we come in contact with) will know where they need to go to find a remission of their sins. Because the only way to receive a remission of our sins is through the Atoning sacrifice of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. He is the way, there is no other way that works. If we are not giving all the emphasis in our teachings, to the Savior we are missing the Point. 

I love that it says WE REJOICE in Christ. Its so true. Is there anyone that has not done something wrong, repented, and felt the relieving power of the Atonement of Christ work to clean you from your sins... and not wanted to PURELY jump up and down rejoicing because of the change that you have felt? Thats the power of the Atonement. Its a 100% blessing, and miracle that we can receive a remission from our sins. But only through Christ. Thats why rejoice in him, and preach, testify, and talk of him. So that our children (and the rest of the world) will know how to find that same Joy!

Christ lives today! Use his Atonement! And Rejoice in the blessings that come!

I love you guys tons, and have an outstanding week :)

Elder Hartvigsen

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