Thursday, August 13, 2015

Aug 10, 2015 A crazy windstorm

Hey guys!! So this week we had a really great "special conference" type thing in the mission. Where basically the theme was "how we can better reach our potential as missionaries."

And we talked a lot about King Benjamin's address found in Mosiah 2-6 and how there are tons of things that help us reach our potential. Like how the people there, became sufficiently humble, by recognizing their awful and pathetic state. Speaking of how we were truly made from the dust of the earth, and compared to God we are nothing. And if we get that in our minds, and understand that... it will help us rely WHOLY on the Savior, and our Father in Heaven. And well lots of other lessons, we took out of how we can better reach our potential.

And something that the President was focusing on... is us BETTER using the scriptures in our teachings. And so we are reading the Book of Mormon as a mission starting like 2 weeks ago, and finishing November 30th. And something that he said would be a great help to us... is in our study journal write down ALL the times when the Lord makes "the impossible... become possible!" or all the miracles the lord performs, or even all the times we see the hand of the Lord in the life of someone in the scriptures. Because that will help us better see how if the Lord can do ALL THOSE MIRACLES for people in the scriptures.. He can make the "impossible... become possible" for us! :)

And so thats what I have been doing... and its true. Like just for example, there are dozens of examples just in the first few chapters of the book of Mormon. LIke Nephi and his family going to get the plates multiple times, and always escaping with their lives, and then Laban being placed in Nephis path to be able to obtain the plates, and living for 8 years in the wilderness. With the women living off raw meat (but not having to cook it, because the Lord commanded them not to make fire very often, because he would make the food flavorfull) and despite that, the women still had sufficient milk for their babies, and sufficient strength to handle the traveling without murmuring! (1 Nephi 17) And thats just the beginning...  But I am really focusing on that, and its gonna be my second time finishing the B.O.M in spanish in the mission, and I know it will help me to better use the scriptures in our teachings! :)

And focusing on the scriptures, We all learned to sing the song "Scripture Power" in spanish! It was super awesome!!! and they did a funny presentation on the song how the translation was "Skripchur Powhur" and its a catchy song in spanish! 

Umm like 2 nights ago, it was so windy.... and living up high on the 12th floor makes it even worse! We could hardly sleep because it sounded like a hurricane was outside bashing and wailing against our windows... I seriously thought the glass door might break! But the next morning (sunday) that power had been cut, and so the pump in the building that brings water up to our floor wasnt working. So none of us could shower, or shave, before church.  and we had to walk down 12 flights of stairs because the elevator was out of power. haha

But anyways, I like my sector, and we all have a good time living together the 4 of us. And we meet all sorts of people in the streets. Like this guy came walking up to us bellowing (singing) hymns... "O Elders of Israel, come join now with me"  and introduced himself as a member of the Stake Choir. But assured us that he wasn't a member of the church, he has just been a member of the stake choir for years...  but doesn't want to join the church. But loves the choir! haha what the heck?

Will you guys please pray for the people in the North of Chile. I don't know if you heard, but there are tons of land slides and stuff because of the rain.

My comps family Elder Flores is from Tocopilla, and their house got flooded with rain and mud and they had to evacuate. Just keep them in your prayers!! :) thanks

And we are teaching Santos right now. he is like 60 years old, and has a baptism date for Aug. 22 I think. and seems to be really great, but my comp says they always have to keep changing his date because he can never quite commit to the date. But we are gonna work with him, to help him understand that baptism is the beginning. not the end. you don't have to be perfect, just willing!

anyways, things are good here. have a stellar week. and know that I love you all!

Elder Hartvigsen

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