Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sept. 21, 2015 Happy Chilean Independance Day! (Sept. 18)

The first wood burning stove I have seen in a Chapel

Random holiday decorations

Awesome ward BBQ 


hasta los autos llevan banderas chilenas :)

Marcos, Jose and the Garcia-Santillan families, she washes our clothes for us!

Evidently it is a law to display a flag on this holiday!

Hey guys!!! I hope you all had a great week... We had a pretty good one here too!

So I hope you got to enjoy all the pictures that I had from this week. So I'm pretty sure that the Chile is either the most patriotic country in the world, or they are the just the ones that take the most advantage to party hard for as long as they can! haha because basically its a holiday the whole week of the 18th. But Friday we had the ward activity and it was really fun!! But seriously Hualpèn was a GHOST TOWN this weekend. There were aboslutely NO ONE in the streets, because everyone who stays in town, just stays in their yard and has BBQ's, and everyone else goes to the campo! (like goes to a ranch house somewhere in the countryside)  Thats why I still wanted to be in Coihueco for the holidays because it would have been legendary!

But anyways, we still had a good time. It was kind of a struggling weekend, because my companion was in pain and sick from his medical issues, that we still don't know what he has. So friday we didn't do much with the holiday, and saturday we didn't even go out to work, and sunday, was just as slow as the other days... so its been a bit hard to keep the level of excitement up and everything... but we are hopìng this week gets better! :)

umm... other than that, there wasn't a ton of details that happened this week. 

All the kids here, fly kites for the holidays. Its pretty cool to see different types of kites all day in the sky, its like a crazy fad here.

And our investigators arent really progressing very well, but we are gonna keep working and trying to find new ones. I hope you guys have a great week, and let me know if you have any questions... Ill be on for a little while! ha :)

Elder Hartvigsen

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