Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nov. 9, 2015 Stake Conf. in Talcahuano!

Halloween Missionary style

My trainee wearing the tie Andrew Bybee gave me

Is this ok with the Mission President?


Elder Villasanti, the Sickest Argentine EVER!

"I swear we don't eat like this all the time mom!" Eating at Grandpa Chicken "Tata Pollo"

No wonder Chase had to buy a new suit!

Hey everyone!! Well this week was stake conference. Which was really great! It was my second one in Talcahuano.... because Hualpèn is in the stake Talcahuano South, and my first sector was Talcahuano North. And the turn out was over 400 people which is the biggest congregation I have seen so far here on my mission! Even though thats like a normal sacrament meeting to us hahah.

After the conference some dude outside watched all the latino missionaries walk by and waited until my companion and I got close to him and called us over to talk to him. And was like "you guys arent from around here right?" uhh No. from the USA we said. And he was like yeah okay let me tell you how I feel about your church... and began to tell us that we have a corrupt church that is extremely worldy because one time he went into the church building and there were teenages listening to rock music. And he was trying to convince us that we need to stop mixing "the things of god" and "the things of the world" , My comp and I were bewildered at how absurd that whole interaction was. We just told him to back down basically and not worry about the little things that make him hate our church, and worry on the big things... like obtaining a testimony about Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon etc. Im pretty sure he just wanted to talk to us gringos because he thought we wouldn't be able to respond to what he had to say... and probably just wanted to feel good for putting our beliefs down.  who knows? Thats definately not the first time thats happened!

Well besides that, its been a fairly slow week. Other than the really great family we found ( a guy that we contacted 2 weeks ago) name Eduardo. He told us he was a long time inactive member. So we went and finally found him in his house and his whole family is active in Talcahuano. And the 8 year old daughter was about to get baptized earlier this year there with her cousin but for some reason the dad didnt make it to an interview and she couldnt... but she still wants to be baptized. And the dad wants her too as well, because he told us that he isnt living the commandments... but realizes that he needs to change it, and wants to reactive in our ward and be able to be sealed one day in the temple with his wife and daughter. The wife is evangelical but receptive... and yesterday they went to talcahuano because their grandpa blessed the baby boy in church, but we are hopping that this week they come with us to church. They are really awesome! Pray for the Maldonado family yeah? :) thanks guys!

Thats all for now! Love you tons!

que tengan una muy buena semana
Elder Hartvigsen

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