Monday, November 23, 2015

Nov. 23, 2015 A baptism...or two!

holy cow I just got an email from an investigator in Talcahuano that told me he got baptized yesterday!!!!!  What a cool experience :) his wife was the member, and he is catholic, they are a young couple named Carlos and Carolain :) We taught them and I was transferred before He had decided to be baptized!!!
Me with Carlos and Carolain while we were teaching them!  I love them so much!

Well,  I've got some good news for you mom. I got pretty sick for 2 days this week and was throwing up a bunch. And thats good news because I lost a bunch of weight AND I FIT INTO MY OLD SUITS NOW :) hahaha

Well, some highlights are 1. Santos has a baptismal interview this wednesday, and is getting baptized on Saturday at 5 oclock.!!! :) But lets be honest..... Im not believing it until I am standing in the font with that man at my side dressed in white! haha hopefully everything goes through this week, without any complications!

Also, something super super sad I found out about this week is that  an Elder's dad passed away on thursday. And so he went home on friday to be with the family. Which is just terrible in general. But especially because he was my comp when hard stuff was happening, and he almost went home like twice...but then finally decided to stay for 3 more months and finish. And then his dad passes away. I just hope: one that he doesn't have regrets about staying.... even though he probably will have wished he had gone home when he had the chance. And I hope this doesn't like harm his testimony of the gospel, because  his family is all less active.  So please pray for him and his family if you can! Thanks guys!

Anyways... mom I finally sent the christmas package for you guys today. We went into correoschile just to make sure they hadnt changed the rules of sending things to the USA. And they hadnt.... so I was gonna have to do it the expensive way, but we talked to the lady for a while and she ended up going to the back of the store and either calling the same number that I called, or asked someone else and she came back out and said yeah you guys are good to send what you are sending. She said "I dont have the slightest clue why they are going to allow candy and clothes now, because they never allow it.... but she asked and they said that we are good to go." And my comp and I were so happy, and knew that it was a pure tender mercy from our Father in Heaven who watches out and cares for us so many times its unbelievable! It never ceases to amaze me!

Thats about it for this week, I am gonna finish the book of mormon this week as well which should be great! :) Anyways, I hope this isnt my last week here in Hualpèn with Elder Parker.... because next week is cambios. So we will see what the Lord has in store for me next cambio?

con mucho amorcito
Elder Hartvigsen

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