Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 Heaven Father hears and answers prayers!

My new sick leather scripture cases!

plus a service activity we did for Hermana Elvira.

(picando leña..... or chopping wood)

Hermana Elvira

The wallet miracle!

Happy missionaries!

With the awesome member Marcos Molina who helped us get the wallet back!!!

Penco Beach

Hey guys whats up?

Well... its been a great week here! let me just start off with the highlight of the week. And it was a pure miracle that we saw!!.....saturday morning (being the weekend of "day of the dead") there was a huge multi-stake activity at the big cemetery in concepcion. And so after finishing setting up the tables and stuff, we were ready to go back to our sector when my comp elder parker realized he left his wallet on the bus. He had set it down to pay the driver and forgot to put it back in his jacket!

And so we kind of panicked and called the office so they could cancel his credit card, so that no one could use it to buy stuff right. Then we got permission, to use a members cell phone to write his family and tell them quickly the same... to cancel his home credit card. Then they advised us to maybe go to the bus terminal because there was a possibility (a very small one) that someone honest had found the wallet and turned it in to the bus driver, and he had turned it into the office at the terminal. So this guy in our ward who is so great Marcos Molina offered to drive us to Lirquen where the terminal is. It was like a 25 min. drive from Concepciòn. And so we all had a prayer in our heart that we would find it... and when we got there, the guy at the office had said that the driver found it and turned it in. we quickly reviewed what was inside and everything was there!!!... both credit cards, his insurance card, his utah drivers license, temple recommend, the only thing that was missing was 3,000 pesos in cash. (equivalent of like 5 dollars) haha a PURE BLESSING!!

And so we called the office back, and he hadn't canceled the card yet.... and we wrote back to his family, and they hadn't canceled his card basically everything was back to normal! and nothing even happened! so on the way home, we pulled the car over to say a prayer of thanks. Because seriously heavenly Father answered our prayers..... and took care of us.... like he always does!

And then on the way home we also stopped in Penco to take a picture on the beautiful beach there :) a selfie with the three of us, and my comps wallet.... to remember the moment!! haha I will send the pic!

And apart from that.... its been a difficult week as far as the work goes. this sector seriously is dead, as far as the people go. out of 100 contacts or people that we talk to in the street, I would be willing to stay that 20 or 30 give us their addresses, and then out of all those people, MAYBE we get let into 1 house to teach someone. Its been 2 weeks here with my comp, and we have been let into 1 house.... to teach a first lesson. its super rough here. And I think its been just a tad hard for him to get used to that. Everyone has to adjust their expectations when they arrive here. But the good news is our eternal investigator Santos accepted baptismal date again for Nov. 21! we had a turning point lesson, where I totally believe my companion as inspired that morning to choose Moses 6 to share with him. Where it talks about Adams baptism, and stuff. Which I totally didn't even know was in there....(you learn new things everyday in the scriptures) and he was so interested by that. He just said, a few years ago a friend of mine told me that the bible is simply missing things... and he said he was so surprised but glad to have read that, and so we bought him a triple book (with bom, d and C and pearl of great price for him this week) so please pray for him! We were fasting for him yesterday! :)

Everything else is great here! Love you all tons... and hope you have a stellar week!

Un abrazo,
chao chao
Elder Hartvigsen

(the beach in penco with marcos molina and my comp.... even though I look rather ugly in this selfies ;) its sick!! )

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