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Oct. 26, 2015 My new greenie!

Hey guys!!!

So I guess halloween is coming up this week right?  Its going to be just like any other day here in Chile. Its sort of lame because you don't really see many people dressed up in costumes and hardly anyone goes "Trick Or Treating", but we may have to just change that.... and dress up as Jehovah's Witnesses (actually just put on those hats they use) and go trick or treating in our apartment building?? haha

Anyways.... let me tell you about my new companion. His name is Elder Parker. And he is from South Jordan, UT. (But went to Riverton High school) He is a really great kid. And we get along SUPER WELL! Its actually been really fun to have a companion from Utah, mostly because we relate really well to each other and have SO MANY common interests! And so yeah, I was definitely a bit nervous when I found out I was gonna train a brand new missionary. But at the same time, humbled and excited!! :) The coolest part of the week was the new trainers meeting we had in Concepciòn. It was actually a really motivating and spiritual experience for me. Mostly to be able to see all the 12 or so brand new missionaries get here, and all bare their testimonies and everything. It was super powerful! To see how excited they all were, and with tons of energy and stuff. And hearing all the gringos speak in their beginning stages of spanish just brought me back to the good old days of when I got to the mission!

Anyways... it was super great! I will send a pic or 2 from this week of us together.

So the weather here is so dang bi-polar. Because its been rainy, and hot and sunny, and cloudy, all at the same time.  Changing back and forth super randomly. Thats how the month of August should be.... but October (practically November) should be getting into summer time. We will just have to see what mother nature has in store for us here in Conce :) But my poor comp. got soaked this week, because he doesn't have rain pants or rain boots yet... and one day it started pouring rain out of the middle of no where and we rain to take cover at a members house... like 5 minutes away, and and to then open their gate and walk under their little plastic roof they have. But the thing is.... all the collected rain from the roof, runs onto that little piece of plastic that sticks out right over the gate, so there was basically a huge waterfall that we had to go under to get to their dry patio. hahaha I felt like I was at a public pool, where they have those little waterfalls to play in. We both got pretty wet as we passed through the Niagra Falls of Hualpen!

And usually the food we eat here is pretty good!! But this week.... we had one dish that was an absolute FAILURE! We walk into lunch on thursday, and this older lady had prepared the first plate of food for us asparagus! But not any old asparagus..... dark green, and incredibly SLIMY asparagus. And a ton of it as well! haha ah man I almost puked trying to eat that stuff. I put a whole bunch of ajì (or hot sauce) on it to take away the flavor.... but that made it really spicy, and slimy as well! haha I basically just swallowed each bite. Other than that, the food we have here is pretty good :)

We found one investigator named Eric this week. He is like 28 ish.... and is different...which makes it a little interesting :)

He basically just wanted to know about God, because he didn't know anything. And so we taught him a tiny bit, and then went to pick him up sunday morning for church at his house. He seemed super excited and everything. We got there sunday morning at 9 am and his grandma came out and said "he is sleeping and doesn't want to get up.... But if you guys can come wake him up, and somehow drag him to church.... I WOULD BE SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL!!" haha so we went into his room and he was fully sleeping in bed. (It reminded me of the time we went to pick Mitch up for mission prep one morning hahaha) Anyways, he was kind of mad at his grandma and ended up not wanting to go. So we went to church without him.  Hopefully we can get another appointment with him this week :) Anyways.... I hope you guys have a stellar week yeah?

Con harto amor!
Elder Hartvigsen

pics (here we are at the mission office.. DAY 1. also when we went to this farmers market to by fruits and vegetables, and some really cool fog from our apartment room window this morning)

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