Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014 Happy Thanksgiving!

Really... this week was awfully slow, and uneventful.... We were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday for Michael, but after his Baptismal interview friday afternoon with the District Leader. It became apparent that he clearly couldn't be baptized.  It was a bummer... because first my companion and I had taught all the lessons and commandments clearly, and asked him if he had any problems and he said no. And so really we did all that we could do. But it turns out that he can't accept and live ALL of God´s commandments. Its sad because he believes everything we told him is true. And he says he wants to keep coming to church and participate, and read the scriptures and everything, just without being baptized. So... I guess we will just have to see with him!  

Church attendance was super poor (I think mostly because it was raining and lots of people have to walk a long way to get to church) None of our Investigators or less actives came... so it was a little disappointing. But all I can say, is we are ready to get back to work this week. My companion seems super stressed. I think its because he goes home in 5 weeks... and wants to feel like has made a difference in this ward before he leaves! But if we try our absolute hardest and are obedient. Then we are being successful... numbers dont matter a bit. And I know that :)

On saturday we had a karaoke night with the ward.  Only like 20 people came but it was pretty fun. All the songs were spanish, except they had "Happy" by Pharrel Williams... which they had me sing because yeah, I speak English! haha it was actually a fun activity to just enjoy being with some ward members and have some fun. As much as I HATE singing... and in public! it was actually pretty fun!

Like I said... not much happened this week, Love you guys! Have a good Thanksgiving! 
Chao Chao

Elder Hartvigsen

Thanks for your words dad! Yeah there really isn't a better way to be spending Thanksgiving than on the mission is there? I feel that since I have been out here I have just felt so much more grateful for everything in my life that Heavenly Father has given me. My prayers are far more sincere, and heartfelt, and longer here! My relationship with my Father in Heaven is really improving, and we are becoming closer and closer every day! That is one of the biggest blessings I have seen thus far out here :)

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