Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 My first baptism coming up

Hey everyone!!
So we were just barely in the office, because its transfer day, and my comp has a ton of friends going home, and so we had to go say good bye to all of them. I finished my first cambio (or transfer) and I only have like 16 left!!! ... But one of the Elders from Draper had his whole family there at the office, because they came to pick him up, like we did for Brady. Man that reminded me of going to Peru to get  brady... that was sure fun! 

So I am half way done with the time I have with Elder Catròn. He leaves next cambio which is like December 30th. Which is actually pretty crazy, I will get a new companion then... obviously, and Im not sure if I will stay here in Talcahuano, or get transfered? No one knows yet. But I did have a good week here. We had the conference for new missionaries in Concepcion Wednesday and Thursday. We had classes in the morning on like "The role of the Book of Mormon in Conversion", Finding people, asking inspired questions... stuff like that. And we had Papa Johns pizza the first day, and subway the next day! Those lunches were GREAT! But after the classes we had a mini cambio, so I went to Tomè with Elder Hancock from Mesa AZ. It was cool, he is a zone leader there. And his comp is Elder Noe (cornerback for BYU) We spent the afternoon teaching his investigators, and everything in his area. He has been out 21 months,  It gave me a lot of confidence in how much my spanish has improved, also being with all the other NEW missionaries like me, helped me see my progress. Im not comparing myself to them, but just stepping away from my latino companion, and being with other newbies like me was fun! 

And then literally the minute I got home from that mini cambio, I left on another one! Just to another part of Talcahuano, with this guy Elder (Mitch) Hollandsworth! He is a living breathing bore, just like Cordner! haha no... he is HUGE though! anyways, that was fun too. It was good to get back to my apartment though, after those 3 days!

so... we had 97 at church yesterday!!! We should be in the 100`s pretty soon ;) The ward is making awesome progress. It is seriously so rewarding rescuing less actives, and slowly but surely bringing them back to church! I can already see a change in so many of them. Especially those that are overcoming addictions, and starting to live the commandments again... I can see the light of Christ and the spirit shining brighter in them! its AWESOME! This one guy mauricio, is smoking a little bit less every single day, (which is the goal for now obviously before he quits forever) but after we had a lesson with him in the afternoon a couple days ago. We talked about how reading the scriptures will help him, and I think he just got a lot of hope from that visit. He shared super personal feelings and experiences, as well as my companion did with him. It was pretty intense, and after the visit (like 30 minutes later, the sun had almost gone down and it had gotten a little darker outside) but after the prayer he was like... "Is it brighter outside? Literally everything looks lighter?" I knew exactly what he was feeling! no it wasnt literally brigher outside... the sun was almost down, but I have felt those EXACT feelings, when I have made changes in my life, and started to turn (or repent) and come back to the Savior. EVERYTHING looks and feels just brighter! Its the best feeling ever. Its great to be able to help people feel this, especially since I have experienced it before, and know the joy of it!

so... im still struggling with the language, and especially teaching! One thing that I want to be able to do (just like how my companion does it so well) is know the doctrine SO WELL, that I will be able to apply it to any need anyone has! Thats the goal of missionary work I think, is to find how the gospel of Jesus Christ solves EVERY problem. Because it truly does! anyways... we read in the scriptures how Alma, and the sons of Mosiah 1. Searched the Scriptures DILIGENTLY and 2. gave themselves to much PRAYER and FASTING. So I fasted on saturday, and I am going to make a greater effort to fast and pray more earnestly, and more frequently along with a deeper study of the gospel, to ultimatley be able to teach with the power and authority that these stellar missionaries of the Book of Mormon did! Thats my goal for the next little while... 

oh, and I`m pretty excited... because I get to baptize Michael this Saturday!!! :) 

Love Elder Hartvigsen

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