Monday, November 17, 2014

November 10, 2014 Keeping up with my companion

Hey guys, so another week, with not much more new news... The biggest news is that you know that guy Michael that we are teaching, he is so humble and has read every single pamphlet and reading assignment we gave him. He is really interested, and always has super genuine and great questions for us. He is preparing to be baptized on the 22 of Nov. Please pray for him, that he keeps progressing and is ready then! He is super interested in family history too. We taught about the temple, and that after he gets baptized he can go to Santiago immediately to the temple, and be baptized for his ancesters. He was like "Are you serious?? I Want to do that!!!" :) anyways... he is super cool. 

And we have this other guy Abram who has the same baptismal date. He knows tons of doctrine of the gospel already, and is pretty prepared...  He doesn't have a cell phone, and is almost never home... but comes to church and I just hope he wants to go through with the baptism. Obviously he needs to develop a testimony... thats the most important part! He is Evangelical, and you can definately tell when he prays! haha Evangelicals are so emotional and like hopped up during their prayers. We taught this one old lady a couple of days ago... that I was literally scared during her prayer. It was frightening... and unlike anything I had ever heard. I was saying the closing prayer right???? And half way through she starts like under her breath saying things like "hmmm amen! Praise the Lord, Thank you God!"  haha yeah like this.... But then she began to raise her voice, and start shouting a prayer, and my companion and I looked at eachother and I finished the prayer. She kept going and going and she was kind of wailing, and crying at the same time... and like praising God and shouting it was super weird. We felt so uncomfortable. haha anyways.... This isnt utah anymore ;)

So one thing that stunk this week, was Thursday. I got SUPER sick thursday, I have no idea why... but the whole morning I was feeling super crappy, and after lunch we came home and I threw up and we stayed home Thursday afternoon. And I was just throwing up the whole time, with bad diarreah too. And all of Thursday night I was up sick with a super upset stomache, and stuff... But it was only one really bad day. I feel fine now! ha, I think it may have been these empanadas that this lady gave us? They were just empanadas with cheese in them... But it was like9:30 at night and I had a whole bunch of them. My comp thinks it was these, because I just wasn't used to that type of food? Who knows...?

umm, I have a new missionary conference in Concepcion on Wednesday. I am actually super excited for this! because I get to see all the missionaries in my district from the CCM that are in different parts of the mission, I havent seen these guys in over a month... and it should be fun to reunite and have a 2 day conference in Conce. I am trying to think of things that happened this week, that I can share. Oh yeah, one funny thing is just this guy in our ward. He is pretty old, and really short, and super funny! I literally can`t understand anything he says... and he is missing most of his teeth, and the teeth he does have are kind of sharp and pointing in all sorts of directions. Also he is SUPER SUPER wrinkly, but always has the biggest smile on his face. I dont even know his name... but he reminds me of the Old guy on Emperors New Groove... you know the guy that walks with the cane, and the hunchback, that gets thrown out of Cuscos palace, because he threw off the emporers groove? hahaha yes this guy! Anyways, he is just funny because is always telling me things, and I have no idea what he is saying. He gave me this opened bag of mints too last week, haha. I just love seeing how different people are, and how many children god has! Its incredible! I am really appreciating meeting all sorts of people, and finding the good in them too! Because "el valor de las almas es gran a la vista de Dios". (The worth of souls is great in the sight of god.) D&C 18:10.

Not much happened this week, just trying to keep up with my companion like normal ;) Well I love you guys... pray for the people here! And keep praying both Individually and as Families. This is something we tell EVERYONE!! especially the less actives. Because its the devil that teaches a man he shouldnt pray. The spirit teaches us to pray! Pray always!!! :) haha seriously... I fully belive that the power of prayer, is incredible, and infinite! Pray always, and read the scriptures continually! :) Love you guys!

Elder Hartvigsen

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