Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dec 8, 2014 I'm getting fat!

Movie day with Elder Robertson on P-day

My favorite member here! She made us a cake!

The movie: Finding Faith in Christ

Hey guys!!
So... I have an addiction. And its called "Chilean bread"!  Im not even kidding... the bread here is amazing! But I am gaining tons of weight. All my pants are too small mom, its a dilemma! But I am going on weight watchers this week, and working to slim down my figure :)  I think I am growing too... because the pants are shorter than I think they were when they left, and all this walking all day every day, up and down massive hills is making my thighs 
bigger too!  no worries... I`ll figure things out ;)

So... what just over 2 weeks until Christmas right? I bet you guys are excited!!! Me too. Especially to skype you guys! Should be great! I hope all is well with you guys, do you guys have much snow there yet? Its really really nice weather here. Super hot somedays, but for the most part really nice!

So apparently today is some Catholic holiday (it seems like they happen pretty frequently down here) And so we had to go to Concepcion to do my visa stuff, but didnt realize that ABSOLUTELY EVERY business is closed! It was weird because there was literally NO ONE in the city, it was so quiet, so we had to come back here to Talcahuano. So this week... Things are pretty normal,  And all our investigators seem to be progressing, but end up either not coming to church (which means they cant progress, because the baptismal date gets set back every week they don't come) or have some major obstacle to overcome before they can be baptized. Like for example Katy and Fernando are like 20 and 23 ish... and He is a member, but she isnt. And is really progressing, and wants to get baptized, and his super excited and everything... but they are living together. And they want to get married and all, but are just a little unsure. So nothings gonna happen until that happens first! 

For Elder CatrĂ²ns birthday a member lady in Tumbes had us over for lunch, and bought a big cake and everything! It was great! I will send pictures :) Also, we are having a big conference December 23 with the whole mission!!! We are having it in Chillan. Which is a couple hours away, and Im super excited for that!

So... even though things are pretty tough here, and nothing is guaranteed, and I can't see the blessings of my work, and don't really feel like I am of any use yet here... there are 2 things that I CAN CONTROL. And that is my OBEDIENCE, and my TRUST IN THE LORD. I am trying my hardest to be exactly obedient, and trust in the Lord with ALL MY HEART. Pray to him with all my being, during the good times and the bad times... He will bless me, and ultimately magnify me, because I can't do any of this by myself! I am learning to accept his timing, and his ways as well.

To quote Isaiah:
¶For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your waysmy wayssaith the Lord.
 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are myways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts
 Anyways, I love you guys, and enjoy your last week or two of school before the vacation!!!
Chao :) Elder Hartvigsen

Dad, thanks so much! I LOVED this letter. I am going to print it off right now, so I can re read it later. Those lessons you learned are super powerful! I love your ability to relate situations of life to things in the gospel. That actually have a correlation too!   know that I really appreciate your letters, and your prayers as well! I love the part of the Book of Mormon where Alma is struct dumb, after being visited by the angel. The angel directly tells hims that he came to convince him of the Power of God, and to get him to stop destroying the church SO THAT THE PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL WOULD BE ANSWERED!! (his father especially) I love thinking of that. The prayers of the faithful can truly work miracles! No matter what the circumstances are. Thanks for you support dad, I thank my Father in Heaven every day with all my love I can muster up from my heart, that I have such a great family! And all the countless blessings I have because of his hand :)

Love, Elder Hartvigsen (Son of Darren and Amy, and also of the Most High God)

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