Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dec. 1, 2014 Its already December?

Hey guys, I cant believe its already December! Christmas is just a few short weeks away :) Not like its going to be any different for me, than any other day ;)  But this week, we did a service project where we replaced the Bishop's roof! I was exhausted at the end of the day, because we worked for 4 hours stripping off the old metal roof, and putting the new one on. Then we went out and worked like normal until 9:30pm

Oh and I had an interview with President Arrington on Tuesday. During Christmas time, he has an interview with every missionary, and so we went to his house in Concepcion. Literally... he lives in the nicest place ever!! Easily the nicest building I have entered in my entire time being in the mission. haha. Their apartment is super duper nice, and they have an awesome view too, anyway it was fun to go there. I had to teach him (during the interview) the Atonement for 5 minutes. Just like he were an investigator, so we did it in Spanish obviously. He said I did great, even though I didn't feel too good about it afterward!  He said my spanish was very good, but I just didn't feel like I taught very well. I mean, its easy to get carried away and just "teach lessons, not people" which in reality, it needs to be the opposite! so I kind of felt like I just taught a leson, rather than find his need and help him!

Yeah, it was just a role play, but I need LOTS of practice before I am going to be good at really asking the person questions, to find their need and apply the gospel to them! Because if they don't see how this certain principle of the gospel applies to them specifically... they really aren't going to care! But its ok. I know I'm not a good teacher yet, I need LOTS more practice! :)

 Not much happened this week, Thanksgiving... doesn't exist here, but I bet you guys had a great time! Oh one funny, yet rather absurd thing that happened yesterday was this: We were outside of the church waiting for 
the meeting to start, and while people were arriving. There were these 2 stray dogs that started mating right there on the church steps, and remember the old guy in the ward that looks like the guy from Emperors new Groove, (that threw off the Emperors Groove)? haha yeah he was bewildered by this sight, and ran over and kicked the dogs, and chased them down off of the church property. And was throwing rocks at them until they left. He was yelling at them like saying "You bad examples!!! Not here you stupid dogs!!" hahaha it was rather absurd... yet kind of hilarious!

Anyways... thats what happened this week, I am enjoying this P day with Elder Robertson here in Talcahuano, because our companions went to Tumbes to do the same hike we already did. We didn't want to go , so we stayed here. Its actually really nice to get a break, having a nice relaxed day without being pressured and rushed from place to place :) 

Love you guys, nos vemos
Un Abrazo,
Elder Hartvigsen

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