Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec. 22, 2014 Feliz Navidadeery!

Hey guys!! So some things that happened last week are as follow: ... first off, last monday felt awfully weird shopping in the electronics department. Because my companion had to buy a laptop for college because he goes home next week. And its crazy all the electronic stuff (laptops, tablets, etc.) are WAYYYY cheaper here than in the US, and apparently in Argentina too! And I did finally end up buying some pants that fit me mom... and I didn't realize it, but I bought 2 pairs of dry clean only pants...  what a burden!  so who knows how thats gonna work, I just gotta freaking lose weight ;)

Yesterday at church, there is this really cute 12 year old boy with down syndrome in the ward named Alisandro. He got to pass the sacrament the first time with the help of my companion. Of course his mom and sister were crying because they were really happy for him to have the opportunity to do it! And while passing he kept looking back at his mom with the biggest smile you can imagine... and giving her thumbs up every couple of minutes! :)  it was so sweet! Also my comp and I went to the hospital to give our Bishop the sacrament. He has like a rock in his intestine or something...  thats what everyone has explained to me, I really don't know but he is actually pretty sick. So we went to visit him, and this is like the 4th time we have been to this hospital either giving blessings to people, or administering the sacrament. Of course I love being able to go serve people there... but not gonna lie, the hospital here creeps me out! Its definitely not like one in the US, there are 8 people to each room, and every so often this lady comes into the room with a cart and like gives shots to everyone, and changes their little IV bags, and I don't know why... it just kind of creeps me out being there.  maybe because it brings my memories back to all my awful procedures this past summer :/

And something funny was yesterday hitchiking back from an appointment... My companion always sticks his thumb out to catch a ride from people, its nice because we don't have to wait for the bus or pay either...  but it works!! But yesterday this one pretty small car stopped to pick us up, and there were already 2 rather large individuals in the back seat and I was thinking to myself there is no way we are fitting back there! haha but low and behold, all 4 of us SQUEEZED in! I ended up with half my bum on my companions lap, and the other half on this strange, very large, old mans lap! And with my head crammed up against the roof of the car. hahah I couldnt help but just chuckle to myself this whole event that was transpiring :)

We had a Christmas program this week, where us 4 missionaries sang 2 primary songs, and My comp played the guitar, Elder Ospina the Ukulele, and Elder Jensen the piano... and I sang! haha not kidding! Elder Ospina and I sang, (I still don't know how they got me to do it) no it wasn't too bad actually... we just didn't have microphones and no one could really hear us, but it was a good activity there were quite a few non members there too :)

Dad... you asked me a while back "What missionary work smells like"?  well let me tell you, If you`re in Tumbes... it can only smell like a couple things. Seaweed, fish, or crab. haha literally everyone has huge tarps of seaweed laying out in the street! I think they are drying it to use later, and it just reeks! I do not like the smell of sea food of any kind! Also we taught one lesson to a couple ladies who were working to crack crab legs and pull the meat out for their restaurant. They had little hammers smashing the crabs, and removing the meat while we talked. Every so often I would get a squirt of crab juice in my eye, or on my shirt! hahaha

And now something cool I learned from the scriptures :)
I encourage EVERYONE to read in Preach My Gospel page 105 the box that gives all the scriptures that the Book of Mormon prophets give their reasons for writing their records. Seriously its so interesting!!! Nephi talks about how he doesn't really know why he was commanded to keep this record, he just obeys! And Mormon, Alma, and Nephi all talk about how its being written "For a Wise purpose in the Lord" and its so cool to think about the Lord preparing all these people so many years ago to keep this record all for the purpose that it could benefit those of future generations and give convinving evidence of the Savior Jesus Christ! Seriously guys these passages are worth studying! I testify of the Book of Mormon as well. It truly is the word of God! I hope we are not taking for granted this incredible gift that our father in Heaven has given us!

FEAST upon the words of Christ! For they truly will tell you ALL THINGS that you should do! I absolutely love the Book of Mormon! And I am studying all the conference talks which are so incredible! STUDY THOSE TOO!!!!

The wisdom and knowledge we attain here in earth is really only one of the few things we take with us into the next life! Dont miss out on opportunities to learn from the scriptures :) Love you guys! have a great week!

yrreM samtsirhC :)
Elder Hartvigsen

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