Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec. 15 I don't think I will be having a white Christmas

Hey guys!! How goes it? ;) Things are good here. The weather is great, and If I`m lucky... I might even be sunburned this Christmas :)  Its fun to have 2 summers in a row, and weird at the same time to see Christmas decorations when its blazing hot out. We had to go get my visa taken care of this morning, because the police have been hunting me down for the last 2 months... because I don't want to be an illegal alien here... but now I`m finally LEGAL! So I can relax a little bit :) 

 I hope you guys had a good week! Mom... since you said I usually say "nothing new happened this week", I have begun writing down little things during the week that I think are funny or that I think you guys would want to here... and so here are those from this past week :)
Yeah, remember the Woman we are teaching with 4 (3 or 4 year old) girls at the house... (2 of her daughers, and 2 of her nieces) yeah... they are still CRAZY during the lessons.  They take our agendas every time, and draw all over them, and we kind of just let it happen to try to keep them quite and have a LITTLE bit of the spirit here... also they have this dog named Pancho. Poor little thing...  because there is this one little girl that is so naughty, that literally abuses Pancho :(  This little girl grabs pancho by the tail and pulls him around the floor, while he is kind of nipping at her. And she backs him into the corner and kicks him too! its bewildering!!! 

Oh, and its super common for the houses to be blasting music too! Some people can't afford a TV... but they always have MASSIVE speakers, and they blare music! But one house we talked by was playing Rascall Flatts...  which is super uncommon to here country music here. Oh, my heart ached for some good country music though! Rascall Flatts "What hurts the most" just made me think of Me, Mitch, and Trev, jamming out to country tunes :) ahh... good times!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Public Transportation in South America... let me try to paint you a picture of what the city buses are like. Every time I ride in them, I feel like I am in Harry Potter 3 in that magical double decker bus, that the crazy old guy drives at night through the muggle streets. He is traveling basically at "Light Speed" while the people are all just calm sleeping on the bus, and stuff and he zooms in and out of lanes, and around cars, pedestrians, and other obstacles in the road. And constantly slamming on the brakes to stop and pick people up, and usually doesn't even fully stop for people to get off. Its not uncommon for him, to just keep rolling slowly and you just kind of jump out at your stop!  seriously, its a fun experience :)

I think here in Chile, you get to just choose whatever number you want your house to be too... seriously, NONE of the house numbers make sense. You will be walking down a street that the numbers are like 56, 58, and then jump to 263, 265, and then back to the 100`s or something.  They never make sense. I just laugh most of the time, but we can never find what number the house is we are looking for.... and I think people give us fake numbers a lot of the time too. They don't want to say no to you, so they just give you a fake number. Its a problem here...

And last but not least, remember Hermana Berta (the lady who gives us MOUNTAINS of food)??? yeah, she is really sweet and all... and reminds me of Grandma Jessie actually. 1 because she looks a lot like her, and 2 because whenever we go to visit her and her less active family... we walk in and sit down, and then she leaves the room without saying anything... and comes back with Juice and cookies, or soda and crackers, she is like Grandma always having sweets around the house, and INSISTS on us eating them :)  well those are some thoughts from this week, Hope you guys enjoy your last week of school before the break! Everyone here has finished up school, and is on summer break!

Love you guys!
Elder Hartvigsen :) 

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