Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016 The best week of my entire mission!!! Fe=Milagros Faith=MiraclesT

The 2 mini missionaries!

My Texas burger in Chillan

This hermana in the Ward taught us how to make these deliciously scrumptious "alfajores"

and yes... I still have the recipe, haha so I will make them at home for you guys!

At their home.

and some sort of sad living conditions... it just makes me laugh that they just pile rocks and different pieces of metal on their walls and roof

this really cool swan made out of some car tires!

and a glass of "mote con huesillo" (like the most typical chilean drink that you see a lot in september for independance day)

Hey guys, so this week has seriously been one of the best ones of my entire misión. haha seriously. Anyways, we are working super hard with our Little meet your neighbor campaign thing... and its really starting to give fruits. We had 2 family home evenings with members and their investigator friends (that we had been praying for for the last 2 weeks every single night) and they turned out really well, and we got return family home evening appointments for both of them. So this week we literally have like 5 planned lessons with investigators in the houses of members with all diferente people. Its really sort of shocking because I have NEVER EVER had this many set appointments with different investigators in one week. I know that hard work pays off. And its sort of a bummer that its starting to really get good now that Im finishing... but its all good, THE WORK HAS TO CONTINUE.

So I gave a talk yesterday that was really great. Not because I spoke so well or anything, but because we have spent the last month going to every single family and giving them our Little card thing reminder, and we currently have a list of over 115 investigators that we are just purely praying for each night, and so I used all that momentum to base my talk on. I talked about how faith without Works is dead. And how Pres. Catala taught us there are 5 diferente levels of faith (obviously supported by the scriptures) 1.desire 2. action. 3. knowledge 4. miracles 5. power (because faith is a principle of both ACTION and POWER.

And I shared the story of the Brother of Jared, and how is faith was demonstrated by his actions (forging 16 Little stones out of a rock.... not an easy process by the way) and took them up to the TOP of the mountain and asked the Lord to simply touch them so that they would shine and give his boats light. The Lord responded, and it worked. I told the members that my comp and I cant find investigators by ourselves.... actually according to Elder David A. Bednar in a talk given in 2008 called ask with faith The missionaries are just FULL TIME TEACHERS and the members are FULL TIME FINDERS. Anyways, I said that we have done our part with our actions now its time for them to do their part and act and invite their friends to their house to hear the góspel, and out faith manifested through our actions will allow us to see miracles!

Ether 12:12 The Lord CANT work miracles if his people dont have faith. Its been a cool thing for me to study lately, and see so obvious in our sector this week :) Anyways, just pray that we can keep up this momentum, I really want to finish these next 2 weeks as strong as we finished this last week. I love you guys tons, and remember that MIRACLES HAVE NOT CEASED. You just have to be watching out for them. Then write them down in your journal (which shows to God that you cherish those sacred moments, and he will see that and will give you more! I promise.)

Elder Hartvigsen

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