Monday, July 25, 2016

July 11, 2016 A hospital visit to see a member

hey guys! So dad I caught a glimps at your letter and then decided to respond to brit first now I am writing this email. 

So its been good last week of the transfer. Some super crazy changes happened around the mision, but ones that dont really affect me very much haha. Because I m staying in Lirquén or 4 more weeks!! woo hoo

And the best news of the week is that we FINALLY brought an investigator with a baptismal date to church. Ana Bravo is her name. And I really really think she is going to get baptized on July 30th. Please pray for her!! She is a friend of some members and almost got baptized a few years ago, but now says she is sure she wants to do this and is really excited about it.

Also thinking about Brit in the hospital, reminds me that we went to the hospital this week to visit an inctive member who got all 10 toes amputated because he has diabetes and because of a poor diet and stuff all his toes sort of just died.... nuts right. And it just makes me glad that we live in the USA when I see the hospitals here. I am sure they are so many places in the world that they are so much worse than in Chile. But they just kind of freak me out being there. There are like 3 people to each room (which is a huge improvement because Lirquén has a fairly new hospital, in the older ones its about 8 per room) and the building inside reminds me of a highschool built in the 1960s

Im sure Brit is receiving a lot better treatment in primary childrens haha :) Enjoy the free nectar brit ;) and just have a good attitude about it!!!

umm... not many more details to tell about. Today I have a self sufficency class with the other missionaries that are going home today, so i will try to not let it make me trunky ;)

Keep reading the scriptures every day.... a.k.a put on THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD!

a stormy day at the beach
looking over lirquén with my trusty red ear muffs that have been with me ever since Coihueco ;)
And the 16th and last church in Lirquén that we are adding to the collage haha

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