Monday, July 25, 2016

July 18, 2016 Bringin' back old times in Chillan!!

hey guys! so Today I am currently in Chillán. Because President lets everyone thats close towards Concepción come up to Chillán for 1 P-Day in their last cambio. So basically our entire group of friends that are going home this cambio came up here to buy "recuerdos" (souvenirs). But basically I was just scouting out, because I am gonna buy some stuff when I can bring you guys here to pick stuff out for yourselves. Seriously they have got some really cool things here to take home in rememberance of good old CHILE. Its good to be back in Chillán like old times.

Also this internet cyber is NOT trustworthy (from what I have been heard) so I dont dare plug my thumbdrive in to send pictures. Sorry, but I will send some next week OK?

We had whats called the "mini mission" this past weekend. It was super cool. Its something that was basically started in our stake of Penco. And so all the young men and young women Priest age and older who want to, can be missionaries for an entire weekend. So the youth in Chillán got sent to Concepción, Penco, Tomé, Talcahuano, Hualpén etc. and the youth from thos wards went to Chillán and Linares. So they did a big old switcharoo and each full time missionary would be pared up with 1 young man or young woman for the weekend.... unfortunately I got paired up with a young woman.... haha just kidding. Me and Elder Lopez got these 2 really cool kids. One was 17 and the other one 16. And we spent friday, saturday, and sunday with them on divisions. And they stayed in the house of a member, and we picked them up in the morning, and dropped them off at night and they basically lived the life of a missionary for a week end. It was a good oportunity for everyone.

I was paired up with Moroni Arenas from Chillán, and I helped him set the goal Friday afternoon that by the end of the weekend he would give out a Book of Mormon all by himself (because he had never done it before) and he was a bit nervous at first but agreed. And he did it, and was super pleased with himself for having acheived his goal :) Also I was thinking a little bit about my setting apart blessing that says "Take time with the young men. Don´t brush them aside. Help them see who they really are. You will influence them in such a way that they will become missionaries, that way your influence will multiply on itself." Now Im not sure if I had THAT MUCH of an impact on them or anything... but I think that that blessing could have partially come true this weekend :) It was a really good experience!

Man also our ward went to the temple this weekend (its like a 6 hour drive) so they do a trip twice a year. And on church it was a testimony meeting for those that had gone to the temple, and the 2 NEW missionaries that were with us this weekend. It was a really spiritual meeting. Also I have so much desire to go to the temple now.... haha. PLEASE DONT TAKE FOR GRANTED THE INCREDIBLE BLESSINGS OF THE TEMPLE. Its easy to do that in Utah.... but WE SHOULDNT.

Well, love you guys! And I will be seein you all in a few short weeks.

wait. really quickly after the devotional in Penco after the mini mission, President Catala comes up to like 5 of us missionaries and says "Elderes, I have a super good idea I just thought of. What if you said this when you were knocking on doors: We are offering the opportunity so that you can have the bible FREE on your cell phone. Can we come in and download it for you?" Isnt that a great idea Elderes he said??? haha

haha so we totally tried it THAT VERY NIGHT and we see this family coming home from the Evangelical church and walking in their front door. We stopped them and said just what president told us. They totally let us in, they were super excited. Both the mom and the 12 year old son had their eyes glued on us as we downloaded the gospel library on their smartphones. And we took advantage to explain a bit about the Book of Mormon, etc. What a cool experience. When your priesthood leader gives you an assignment, or even a simple suggestion... DO IT. They know what they are talking about :)

con amor,
Elder Hartvigsen

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