Sunday, July 3, 2016

June 27, 2016 Saying goodbye to Pres. and Sis. Arrington

"THE DISTRICT" .... in 2 years...we really haven't changed that much :)

the cards we made.

Me and Elder Lopez reppin our Chilean pride during the Copa America (by the way Chile won it again this year!!!).

And the family reunion. (haha Me and my 2 sons)

Pres. and Sis. Arrington

So this Friday we had the whole mission conference where we said goodbye to President and Sister Arrington. It was super great. Also every zone conference the missionaries that go home that transfer and the next one bare their "final" testimonies. But we didn't have zone conference so I got to bare mine there with the whole mission. We were like 20 ish who are going home. And basically I just said "If Jesus Christ can feed 5,000 people with a couple fishes and a few loaves of bread... imagine what he can do WITH US. I testify that Jesus Christ is the great multiplier, and that if we give him everything that we have... he can make miracles with us."
So President Catala and his wife and son get here this Wednesday, and on Friday we have a welcoming conference for them. So the work here has been slow still. We are focusing on helping the members become missionaries. Because sadly... I feel like that unless the members in the mission STEP IT UP big time... the missionary efforts here are never going to progress the way they need to. So we made a bunch of hand made little cards that say "conozca a su vecino" ("meet your neighbor") and the goal is trying to leave that with a member and commit them to have a name ready for when we return to their house in 1 week. And be able to meet a new neighbor, in the sense they will be able to form a good relationship with them, and then in time be able to share the gospel with them. Because the excuse that most people give for not sharing the gospel is that they don't know very many people. Their only friends are members of the church, or stuff like that. So thats where our idea was born.... Hope it works!
umm... thats about it for this week. Not to many details. But here are some pics.

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