Monday, May 2, 2016

April 11, 2016 Punta de Parra

Hey guys, so we had a super great week this week. The highlight was definiately when we taught this super great 15 year old kid named Salomon. He just recently moved here from Colombia and seems pretty interested in our church. He is friends with an inactive kid (axel) and so we visited axel and his mom, and Salomon came over. Anyways, he committed to pray and wait for an answer about April 30 to be his baptismal date. And he committed to come to church with us, and then so did Axel and his mom (those two have not been to church in more than 5 years)....

We were super excited but sort of realizing that he probably wasnt going to come. Because ALL CHILEANS say that. They always commit to things and never followthrough. I think the reason he surprised us so much when he showed up to church is because he isnt Chilean. hahaha I know it sounds terrible, but I totally think its true! He and axel were the first ones to show up at church, then us, then we opened the church and waited for everyone else to arrive. I think he really liked it as well, so thanks for your prayers this week. We have found a great pèrson! Just keep praying that he progresses! ha :)

Also I had a mini cambio on wednesday where I forgot to bring my rain gear, and luckily a member let me borrow a yellow rubber rain jacket he had ( I looked like the guy from curious george ) But I was super grateful,... even though I got absolutely SOAKED from my thighs down, haha. 

And this morning we went on a super cool hike to this beach called "punta de parra" and I will send a bunch of cool pics. For the first time in my mission, I was actually TEMPTED to dive into the water. hahahaha the water was greenishly clear and gorgeous!

well we are in week 8... because this cambio has been an extra long one. I will let you know if anything happens in the transferes... have a great week! love you tons. And we will be talking on May 8th. #mothersday

con mucho amor
Elder Hartvigsen

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