Monday, May 2, 2016

April 18, 2016 Lirquen forever more!

and the lirquen chapel is one of the biggest buildings here, and it looks huge from this side because you can see all 3 stories!

this is a BBQ that we did last night with this great guy named Jorge Rojas who is from Argentina.

this purplish house, is where we live! haha

Hey guys! so today is transfer day, and Elder LeCheminant is headed out to Talcahuano. And me and Elder Fuentealba are staying here. So Im actually really excited that I can finally go back to being in a normal companionship. Its going to be a lot nicer than the trio I think!

anyways, its nuts that I only have 2 and a half cambios (transfers) left. So I just have to blithering make the most of them!!! haha because I think I will probably finish my mission here as well! So this week we did another "meet the mormons" movie night for a ward activity. Its seriously a super great idea, because its a super great movie. And would be a very effective way for people to get to know the church. The only problem is that the members dont participate. We announced the whole activity and were invited everyone the entire week and when we started the movie (30 min. after the designed starting time) it was us 3 misionaries, and the ward mission leader and his wife, and 3 of the youth. hahaha it was a joke. Anyways people began to come nice and slowly and at the end of the night there were 20 people. No investigators.... but it was still a fun night. Thats definiately been the biggest struggle of my mission, GETTING THE MEMBERS EXCITED AND INVOLVED.

So on sunday the entire focus basically was "missionary work." Me and Elder Fuentealba gave talks in sacrament meeting, and the 2nd counselor in the bishopric told us before hand "if you guys can get the members to come up to you and ask when they can accompany you during the week, and give you references right then and there after sacrament meeting... you did an outstanding job!" haha I feel like I gave a good talk, because I shared what John Nichols shared in a church talk a few years ago that I have always loved. That every person on average needs 7 positive interactions or "touches" with missionaries or members of the church, to be able to accept the gospel. And how its similar to a game of football. With the goal being advance 100 yards to get a touchdown. Its possible. BUT VERY RARE that one players takes it for a 100 yard run and scores. It almost always happens that all the short yard gains, put together allow the team to slowly make it to the other end and score. Or in other words.... its possible for someone to hear the gospel for the first time, and in 3 short weeks be baptized immediately. Buts its not common! So thats why every one of our positive interactions we have with people talking about the gospel, all add up over time!

I also shared a story of how I was snowboarding one time when I was like 15 years old or so, and sat next to a russian man on the ski lift ( I have no idea if ou guys remember this or not) and how for a couple weeks before this I had been praying for an opportunity to share the gospel with someone. Living in Alpine utah, I had the desires, but had no idea how to do it, or much less WHO to share it with. So I was prompted that very morning to put a pass along card in my ski jacket, and so when I was sitting next to that guy, who asked me if I was a mormon, and how many wives dad had hahahe etc. I was able to simply give him the pass a long card and invite him to see

So after the talk, this girl in the ward comes up to me and gave me 2 super great references!!! Of her aunt, and her neighbor. Now Im not saying I gave an outstanding talk or anything. But I am gratful that the spirit was able to testify to her, during the sacrament meeting and she recognized the prompting and acted on it. Now Im just hoping and praying those 2 people will receive us, and progress :) and If not..... bueno, "¡hay que puro seguir no más po!" (you just gotta keep on trying!)

enjoy your beautiful utah weather, the rain is upon us here. haha :(

con mucho amor
Elder Hartvigsen

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