Monday, May 2, 2016

April 25, 2016 Surgery......

Elder Fuentealba's bandaged up toes

Watching Testaments

Our kitchen

Our retro bathroom

Hey guys! so its been an .... interesting week to say the least! Don't freak out mom, I didn't have surgery.... my companion did. haha He has had some awfully gnarly ingrown toenails and finally got them taken care of. So we have not been able to leave our house for a few days, and those few days are going to turn shortly into a week. haha so it stinks for him, but at least he can get it taken care of right?

I am super grateful for my great health that I have had in my mission. Because a an elder from Arizona this week (finishes in July) but had to go home this week because he got MONO. And I feel really bad for him, because I know exactly what he is going through. Remember my terrible summer with mono? Yeah thats why I am thankful that I got sick before the mission and not now! :)

Other than all that, there really hasnt been many other things that happened. umm when we couldn't go to church the priests came and brought us the sacrament (water and a chocolate cookie because we didn't have bread. haha) and so that was nice of them. The members here are geat, and are treating us well. So well mothers day is in like 2 weeks, so I guess we need to set up a time for when its going to be best to skype. When do you guys have church??

sorry for the lack of details, it really has been an anti-climatic week. But I will send a couple pictures anyways :) 

Elder Hartvigsen

p.s. This is our little make shift home theater, watching "the testaments" with Elder Fuentealba´s bandaged up toes haha :(

in case you were curious... this is our home. Notice the 1970´s bathroom style? haha its like grandma jessies old blue bathroom! And I think its the first (and hopefully last time) I have ever had bars on the window of our bathroom. haha #sketchy! and we have 2 showers as well. One is electric, and the other gas. and they both work about half the time. So its fine, because sometimes you can just switch off  between showers when one stops working! :)

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