Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016 Happy Mother's day!

Sopaipillas!  Helps toes to feel better!

Look at those worn out shoes!

Hey guys, so things are going well here. The truth is, that we have not been able to work too much lately. We spent 1 full week in our house without working... and now we are starting to work only a couple of hours a day. Because my comps toes are still recovering. Oh man, these things are nasty. I feel bad for him, and its definiately testing my patience, haha. I mean.... I had a comp with health issues before remember? Elder Flores... but this is different, because its hard to maintain a really positive attitude when 1) you cant really do much, and 2)any investigator that we had 2 weeks ago... is probably not going to be progressing by the time we get around to visit them again. So yeah. thats kind of how its been the last little while. Sorry for the lack of details, because it really hasn't been that  exciting of a  week.

But I have been studying a lot in the Book of Mormon, and where I was reading in Alma 43 is super cool because it talks about Moroni making preparations for war. And more specifically the steps that he and his army took to defeat the lamanites, its definiately worth studying again!

p.s. I am sending a couple pics of things we did this week. (made sopaipillas and asked the neighbor to let us borrow her rolling pin, and turns out she let us use her electric dough kneeding machine! haha sick right? It turned our lump of dough into 26 round sopaipillas in like 5 min. and it would have taken us forever to do it by hand)

also I let my comp borrow my sandals, because his feet didn't fit into his shoes for a whole week, and they actually only half fit into my sandals! hahaha what a ruckus!!! You should have seen him walking around the busy streets of concepcion last week bare foot, with flip flops on, and his big old toes bandaged like nobody's business. I have never got so many weird looks before in my life. hahah one lady even stopped and said "okay kiddos... your religion is great and everything, but you need to take care of your health and go home right now and rest." we were like "yes debbie, thanks for the advice, we are on our way home right now!" hahaha

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