Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 4, 2016 Soaking up all 10 hours of General Conference!

Hellooo again everybody ;)

Well... I sure hope all of you were able to soak in ALL 10 hours of general conference this weekend! It was legendary :) Seriously. At about 12:55 on Saturday morning which would have been 9:55 am in Utah, I pictured you guys back home, and chuckled to myself seeing dad sitting on the coach with his iPad or notebook, and ready to rumble for conference. And trying to get cole and brit to come down from their rooms to watch because conference was just about to start. And I pictured mom in the kitchen making a fresh batch of Belgium waffles! YUMMM. I don't know if thats what really happened, just what I imagined to myself. ha. But seriously such a cool opportunity for all the members of the church in the entire world (15.5 million) to be gathered to hear the voice of the Lord through his chosen prophet and apostles.

I was on such a spiritual high, with some incredibly powerful talks, and music by the choir. And like Elder Holland put it "coming back to reality" can be tough sometimes.... "coming back from out mountain peak experiences". I really liked that. Both of my questions that I have been thinking about for a long time were answered in Conference. And just like I thought it would be, they weren't even necesarily something that someone said. But rather something that I knew I needed to change, or that I could do, based on how I felt (promptings of the spirit) when I watched the conference. 

And hey, how about those 4 new temples. cool right? Especially the 2nd one in Lima!!!! haha thats so sick!

Well our number one struggle in this entire zone of missionaries is getting people to commit and bring them to church. So please pray that we will be able to somehow through the spirit get to their hearts, so that they will understand the importance of church in preparation for baptism, and that they will have the desires to go!

I love you guys tons. And am so glad that we belong to the Lords church. And I rejoice again with Elder Stevenson.... that we will NEVER EVER again have to ask the question "Where are the keys?" Because we live during the restoration of the gospel, and the keys will never be taken again from the earth!

Remember that the greatest blessings of conference come "After the conference is over." Take advantage of the technology we have and Ensigns etc. to re-read and re-study the conference talks over and over again. They are scripture for us in our time, TODAY!

Con mucho amor
tu wachito lindo
Elder Hartvigsen ;)

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