Monday, February 15, 2016

Feb. 15, 2016 The gospel changes lives

Why does Chase have a Lord of the Rings Backpack?

Hugo and me! A great day!

Elvira, Santos, Hugo, Me, Nelson, Hermano Sepulveda, Elder Soliz

Hey guys, yeah sorry for not writing a big letter last week. I sort of got caught up in responding to your individual letters, and kind of forgot. But not too much happened... haha so let me tell you what happened this week. The most exciting this, is that we had a baptism!! Our Investigator Hugo got baptized on Saturday. I don't know if I have told you anything about him yet, but he is like 65 years old. And rents a bedroom behind the house of one of the members. And the missionaries were teaching him like last year, and he almost got baptized but relapsed in his addiction to alcohol, and began drinking again. And ever since I got here almost 7 months ago I met him, and he seemed to sort of be the typical drunk guy you see on the street. So I didn't really think anything about him. Also he was in such bad shape, that he couldn't walk on his own, nor could he even talk. He just slurred all his words together constantly that you couldn't really even understand him.

And we had been visiting the member  lady Elvira that is the one that rents him part of her house. We actually did a service there one time, and she is the lady that gave us a plate of seafood. haha. remember her? Yeah, so like a month and a half ago (right when my comp elder Soliz got to the area) Elvira told us that Hugo wanted to go to church again. So we arranged to go pick him up with a members car. We showed up and he decided that he didn't want to go, because he had a little problem with someone. Anyways we went back the following week, and ever since that first day that we went to church he has been progressing incredibly well. After a couple lessons we taught the word of wisdom, and told him that he needed to stop drinking alcohol, coffee, and tea, and he agreed, and gave us all the tea and coffee that he had in the house. And we went and gave it to this guy in the street who was digging through the dumpster :) haha And the coolest part about it, is that ever day we go by there is countenance changes a little bit, and he looks so much better. He walks better, he talks so much better, and we are 100,000% sure that its because he has been living the commandments (the word of wisdom especially.... which in Doctrine and covenants 89 states the very specific blessings that come to those who live this commandment.)

So it has been a really cool experience to see this HUGE change in Hugo`s life! And I think that is part of the reason I stayed in this sector for SO LONG.... to be able to see first hand the drastic changes that the gospel can cause in the lives of people. Something that I have wanted to see my whole mission, and now I just gotta keep teaching the rest of Chile so everyone can experience the same thing! haha :)

Anyways, next week is transfer day so I think I will be headed out of Hualpèn. But I will let you guys know about the details when I find out! 

and something randomly COOL that I learned in the scriptures this week... that isn't entirely necessary for our salvation, but still very cool. Is that Nephi in the year 590 (B.C.) approx. saw in vision Christopher Colombus come to America and discover the promised land. yeah I already knew that... but then he saw the revolutionary war as well (1 Nephi13:17). cool right??? and it talks about the europeans being white and beautiful, that came to take over the land. And all this happened according to gods chosen timing, because The Lord says in 2 Nephi 1:1-11 that  the people that live in that land (the nephites, lamanites etc.) will prosper if they serve god, and keep his commandments.... but when the day comes that they fall into transgression and unbelief, the lord will bring other nations to that land the take it away from them! THAT WAS US! compare those 2 scriptures and study the chapters they are dang cool :)

Love you tons, and have a great week.

Un abrazo,
Elder Hartvigsen

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