Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jan. 25, 2016 Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts

At the President's house.  A pretty view from the balcony!

The Mission Office

Hey guys, well I hope you are all doing well. This week has gone by super fast, and we had interviews with President this week which was always good. Also we had a worldwide missionary training thing this last week, where Elder Bednar, Anderson, Oaks (of the 12) and Elder Clayton, Brent Nielsen, and Waddel (of the 70) spoke to us. It was super great. All based on Preach My Gospel. And basically how we can better find people, and teach repentance, and baptize converts.

Elder Bednar talked about (like he usually does) the role of the Holy Ghost. And he said that "as much as we would like to, or for as good of desires that we have, we simply cannot force someone to feel the Holy Ghost by our testimony. If we could do that.... we would just need to allow everyone on earth to hear President Monson's testimony, and they would all become converted to the gospel and beg to be baptized." haha The role of the Holy Ghost is to convert people to the gospel. But our role as missionaries is to create an environment and setting, where the Holy Ghost can come. All we can do, is bring the spirit UNTO the person. But its up to them whether they are going to allow it into their hearts or not. Super interesting. Also he said that "Teaching is MUCH MORE listening, than speaking." So when we are teaching in companionships the missionary that is NOT talking, has the responsibility to be paying really good attention to be able to detect the promptings of the Holy Ghost to be bale to know what questions to ask.

Also Elder Clayton talked about the Less Active members of the church, are like a gold mine of references. They just simply don't know how to start inviting them to the gospel. Imagine us if we were really standing inside a giant gold mine. We would know for sure that this place is filled with gold! And we wouldn't doubt it, but we simply would have no idea how to find it. Like where do we start digging? Or what tools do we use? etc... We need to teach the members of the church, how to share the gospel, and how to invite the friends to church.

As far as how the work has gone his week.... its been pretty slow. Its definitely ROUGH at times, with the fact that I have been in this sector for so much time, and am struggling to know of things to do here that are gonna work. But this friday we are going to watch Meet the Mormons as a ward, and are inviting everyone to bring one person! So hopefully that helps. Also President Arrington in the interview told me "Elder Hartvigsen.... if the Lord wanted you to stay in Cerro Verde for a 5th transfer.... its because he has someone here waiting for you to find them! Maybe for the past 4 and a half transfers, that person would not have accepted, or just didn't have the opportunity.... maybe now is the time?"

So I just wanna work hard, and overcome any weakness that may be holding me back. But pray for us here in the sector, and pray that the Lord will please soften the hearts of the people here. Because they are ROCK SOLID.

Anyways, the Church is true. Of that I have no doubt. And I know that with all the hardships we face in this life, comes a certain type of learning and growing that wouldn't be possible otherwise :)

Con mucho amor,
Elder Hartvigsen

p.s. here is my comp and I at the Presidents house. Pretty view from the balcony right? :)

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