Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jan. 4, 2016 Repairing a broken link in the chain

A special dinner out for amazing burgers!

The Louisiana Burger with onion rings and everything!  A real treat!

Me with Elder Parker, Eduardo, Lorena and Varinia

The entire Maldonado family

A fun P-day out

An aquarium in Talcahuano

Los Lobos Marinos

Gorgeous day!


Hey guys!! so first off.... its been a super great week! :) We had a really cool experience this Saturday, because we got to be there for Varinia`s baptism! She is the cutest little 9 year old girl ever!! Her dad Eduardo (newly reactivated member) baptized her, and her Grandpa confirmed her on Saturday :)

Im sure I have said this a lot before, but ALL of Eduardo`s family are active in Talcahuano, and he is one of the only ones inactive. And his parents along with his brothers and sisters were just so content at the baptismal service! And a really sweet impression that came to my mind there, was that what we were doing.... was "repairing a broken link in the chain". That fairly small little act, of helping bring 1 man back to church, and allowing him to baptize his 9 year old daughter, would be something that would bless hundreds of people in the future. I am really confident that they will stay active, and that now their kids will grow up in the church, and hopefully Varinia will marry a member of the church, and raise her kids in the church etc. For generations to come :) 

Also her little 8 year old cousin (from her moms side who isn't member) wants to get baptized. And she doesn't live in our sector, but Its so cool to see the influence that good members of the church can cause in their own families, and with all the other people they know!

Also on sunday during Priesthood meeting, a member pulled my companion and I outside for a sec, because some guy named Alvaro walked into the church, and was asking if he could learn a little bit more about what we do here. He is from Santiago, but is on vacation here right now, and has a Mormon friend where he lives, and has learned a lot about what we believe already. He just basically wanted to see for himself what we do inside the church, and stuff. So we took advantage of that amazing opportunity, and gave him like a 30 minute tour of the chapel. We took him to the different art portraits hanging on the walls, we took him to the baptismal font and taught him about the ordinance of baptism. And we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon to finish. He said that if he is still in town he wants to come next sunday at10:00 AM for the meeting. We also helped him go on to lds.org and find the nearest chapel to his house! haha it was so sweet!!!!

I know this church is the only true, and restored church of Jesus christ here on the earth. The only one that has the true Priesthood Authority of god, and the only one that allows us to be sealed together as families for ALL ETERNITY! Never forget how blessed we have been to be born into this amazing gospel. And how much of a responsability we have to share it with EVERYONE :)

Con mucho amor,
Elder Hartvigsen

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