Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb. 22, 2016 Transfer day has arrived!

Fernando who served his mission in Argentina

Our Bishop who is super young and great!

Hey everyone,

so FINALLY..... after 7 months of being in Hualpén I am getting transfered to Lirquén (the names actually kind of rhyme haha) Anyways, Im pretty excited. Lirquén is like directly across the bay from my first sector in Talcahuano Centro. So I think its going to be VERY similar, because of the harbor, the ocean view, (maybe smelling like fish), and lots of hills!

The strange thing is that I am going to be in a trio. AGAIN! With Elder Fuentealba (Elder Seller´s son) who is Chilean and has about 7 months in the mission, and Elder LeCheminant who is from Utah who has about 5 months in the mission. And I am going to still be District Leader. So thats the big news of the transfers. Im sad to leave all the people that I learned to love so much, and I have so many memories in Cerro Verde, because I was there for 18 Sept (independance day) Halloween, Christmas, New Years, and a million other little things. ha.

This week we had a fun ward activity that was "remembering the returned missionaries" and there are 12 RM´s in this ward, and so we invited them all. And with a clear demonstration of this wards commitment level to the church, only 3 came. (The bishop, the gospel doctrine teacher, and this kid that got back last year) I will send pictures. And each week there are bout 80 people that go to church in this ward.... and only 10 people went to the activity. Which was pretty pathetic, but you gotta keep your perspectives right. Because there were 2 youth there, and if they felt the spirit, and it helped motivate them a little bit more for the mission, or frankly, if someone was touched by the spirit and left a better person than they were the activity was a success. We watched the mormon message of Sid going who left rugby to go on a mission, and it was a really great night. I will send pics of that!

Other than that, not much has happened. I will be excited to take you guys around to visit all of these great sectors that I have been in when you come. As for you.... keep reading the scriptures daily, and praying for missionary experiences. Because I know that even living in Alpine, UT there are people that need to hear the gospel from you guys :)

con mucho amor,
Elder Hartvigsen

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