Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb. 29, 2016 Happy leap year! And a happy birthday to Chase! Big 20!!!

My new trio

The hills in my new area!

Our meeting house.

My beautiful new area.

A P-day hike in my new area.

A ward priesthood activity (hike)

Our ward mission leader.  One of two who showed up for the activity.

What does this actually say?

A beautiful summer day in Chile!

Look what we found in our apartment!!

A closeup!

Hey guys. So this week has been a super crazy one. I feel like literally a million things have happened. First off, I got to my new sector Lirquén which is right next to Penco. Its GORGEOUS!! I will send some pics of the ocean and the hills. It literally reminds me so much of my first sector because of all the hills. If I finish the mission here, I will be returning home in such good shape. Not to mention the fact that my comp Elder LeCheminant is 6 foot 4 and his legs are twice as long as mine, so we walk super fast. Anyways, things are different getting used to a trio again. Its kind of awkward in the contacts, and teaching lessons, and walking down the narrow sidewalk.... someone always gets left behind. Its also kind of a difficult change for me, because I spent the last 7 months being the person in charge. My comps were new and so I sort of just made all the decisions, and always took the initiative in everything. And now I feel like I have become junior companion with Elder Fuentealba. ha its weird. 1 because I don't know the sector at all, or the people, but I am just not used to being dragged around places and everything, and so its sort of a hard change. But its all good, Im sure there are lots of things Heavenly Father wants me to learn here.

ummm.... its funny because Elder Fuentealba is chilean, and was born in Talcahuano. And has lived in Antofogasts, and Santiago (where he did his mission papers) then moved to Brazil, where the missionary call got to him, and sent him back to right where he was born. And turns out that he actually has a bunch of cousins and aunts and uncles in Lirquén. And the fact that half the members are related here, it means he is family to half the ward basically hahaha. Also his grandma lives in Talcahuano and came to our church yesterday with her grand daughter my comps sister to visit and drop him off a package of candy and stuff haha.... small world right?

Also we had an amazing special training meeting with Elder Bednar and his wife, and the area presidency and their wives. It was basically a 3 hour question and answer thing with them all. It was incredible! They were all in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But they broadcasted it to over 6,000 missionaries in the area (Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay or 1 other country im not sure). And I learned a ton, Elder Bednar is seriously the most incredibly capable teacher I have ever seen in my life. And right now one of my favorite apostles! haha :)

Yeah let me tell a super quick story about my first lunch here. Tuesday we had to go to the training in the morning, and then to Chillán in the afternoon for a medical appointment of Elder Fuentealba. We got back from penco to our house, and the bus dropped us off at the top of this massive hill where we picked up our lunch (because the lady lives alone) so we brought it back to our house. The thing is that we were in our suits from the meeting, and in a big rush to get home and off to Chillán. So Elder LeCheminant starts talking us through the "short cut" to get home, which consists in the equivalent of hiking down Timpanogos through trees and bushes, on little deer trails, in your suit and tie, and dress shoes... hahaha and so like 20 minutes later we get home, and open the lunch and to our disappointment... it was rice and fish :( ahahah So we then hustled off to the bus terminal and it was a miracle that we boarded the bus right as it was leaving the terminal, and rode an hour and a half to Chillán, and had to wait another 2 hours in the doctors office. Anyways.... this week has been full of adventures like that!

Without boring you guys too much, just know that I am doing well. And had a super great birthday, President and Sister Arrington called me to wish me a happy birthday, and a super super sweet lady from my old ward called me through a young man (that she knows) on his cell phone to wish me a happy birthday!

anyways, have a great week, and let me know whats up in Alpine :)

con amor,
elder hartvigsen

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