Friday, May 1, 2015

April 27, 2015 Volcanic Activity

Hey guys! wow... another week has flown by, and its the last week of the cambio, even though I cant imagine there will be any changes between Elder Sellers and I being here in Coihueco, but hey ... who knows?! ha.

So, I am sure you guys have heard about the big volcanic eruption in southern Chile right? Pretty cool huh? I think it was like 6 hours away from where we live... but there was even ash falling from the sky here in Coihueco, it was super loco! There wasn't like a ton or anything, but you could definately feel it in the air, and breathing it in was bad. All the cars had a really thin layer of ash on them and stuff, even Elder Sellers had all his white shirts hanging out to dry over night, and had to bring them back in and wash them again the next morning, haha because there was freaking volcanic ash on them! Its crazy, I never thought I would see that before?...

Also a member showed us some pictures, and a time lapse even of the eruption, it was so cool, and looked like something strait from a movie. (even though I am sure its not so cool for the people that live close by).

So I got sick again on Saturday... not really sure what from. Food poisoning I think. Because I was sick for only about an hour and a half saturday morning, which was strange. But luckily we had our "dia de limpieza" or mission cleaning day. So we had to clean the house up all morning  until lunch. And so it was a good time to be sick in bed, because we didnt have anything else planned. A small little blessing there. But whats funny is that we called the hermana that we had lunch with before hand to let her know I wouldnt be eating, because I was sick, and so she would just be aware before hand. Anyway... we went over there, and the husband brings out a big bowl of soup for me, and I said " no thanks... actually I am not feeling good and won't be eating lunch". but oh no, THEY INSISTED that I eat this bowl of soup, because of course it was some sort of really healthy food that would help me get better, and they ASSURED me it wouldn't do me any harm.  Thats totally how the Chileans are. They think they have remedies for EVERYTHING. And just insist on you trying them, so they said it was asparagus soup, even though it neither looked nor tasted anything like it. I ended up eating it, and actually felt better later in the day. haha :)

Also I had to give a talk in church ( I just used the talk I gave in Talcahuano, because the branch president called me saturday morning when I was sick, and I had no time to prepare anything else. ) Its crazy, because in such a small branch we have to do almost everything. We teach Elders quorum twice a month, and my comp and I and one of the sister missionaries have all give talks in 2 weeks.  There just really isn't that many people to do things like that. Nevertheless, its an awesome little branch, with awesome members that I love! :)

Also funny thing dad, everyone here drinks herbal tea right? And they just go out to their garden and bring in all sorts of different plants, to make tea out of it. And they have the mint plant, that we have in our yard. And it actually makes a really good mint herbal tea :) haha I was totally thinking that I will drink that when I get home. I remember Brady did the same, when he got home ( or I just remembered him talking about how he liked herbal tea ) and I literally thought he was crazy! ha.

Also funny thought, that I went to my first South American Chinese buffet today :) It was pretty good actually. It was just the darndest international mix ever. 3 gringos, and 1 brazilian in a chinese buffet, in Chile. speaking half English, and half Spanish, to Chinese people :) haha oh the adventures of the mission! 

Well, I hope everything is well for you guys. Love you tons!

Elder Hartvigsen

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