Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015 A mother's day phone call! A happy mom!!

Thanks for writing guys, seriously it was super fun to see the whole family yesterday. You guys all looked really good as well! I think my camera on the computer worked well,  and so you could actually see that I looked good. By the way mom, I do weigh 165, but Im not as fat as I sound... haha (no offense dad) ;) Its crazy to think I have gained 30 lbs from when I left on the mission. Granted I was 20 lbs under weight, but still. And the time seriously is flying by so fast. I need to take advantage of every day, and keep improving diligence, obedience, and love for the people EVERY DAY!

You guys are awesome! And that was fun for Elder Sellers to meet you guys, we talk a lot about our families and stuff, and he said you guys were just like how he imagined Hermano y hermana Hartvigsen would be :) 

I felt the same about his family, Just getting to say hi for a second was fun. He has only one brother, who is 14 years older who served a mission in Australia, but now is far away from the church. And his parents are both converts. Its definitely a little different than my family situation, but thats okay!!

One fun thing, you guys remember the McKewan family? Yeah with the amazing parade of homes house? Yeah I know their daughter madelyn, and I went on a mini cambio last week with her cousin from PG.  small world!!

Mom, would you please just send me Ellis's email?? That way I can just write her a quick note and say whats up :)

One last thing about the Coihueco branch that I wanted to share, was the joy of blessing the sacrament yesterday with Hermano Juan Palma. He is 88 blithering years old.  imagine that! :) I may have already told you about him, but this guy (along with all other Chileans) are just as hard working, and active people in their 70s and 80s as they are as teens. Its crazy, people don't really retire here! Like Juan, just moved to here from Chillan a few months ago, and extended on to his house. Build a whole new kitchen and family room and stuff, and he literally does everything. ITs crazy that he still works everyday. (doesn't get paid, because its on his own house) but thats how the chileans do it.

I remember seeing 70 year old WOMEN in Tumbes (Talcahuano) chopping wood everyday, because thats what you gotta do, if you want firewood to both cook, and stay warm in the winter here. Its crazy how different life is, but you know, they make it work :)

p.s. do you think its still a good possibility that you would be coming to chile to pick me up? Just curious if you guys have thought any more about it... or who would come with you... or things like that.? ha

ok, que tengan una muy buena semana y disfruten su verano que ya esta acercando! 
(have a great week, and enjoy your summer that is getting close)

Elder Hartvigsen

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