Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015 Winter came today! Its freezing!

a copper copy of the Concepcion Temple, for mom for mother's day!

 These are pizza french fries! ironically enough, its at a different restaurant called "el carrito rojo"  their sign says... "The best in fast food" lol

la pizzeria barcelona! haha I also sent this to elder cruz, because he is from there.

making banana bread for the district :)

We make these little birthday packages for all the members when its their b day.  just little american candy treats. They all love it. With a signature birthday passalong card,

Winter started this very morning! We woke up freezing, to a temperature of 42 degrees INSIDE OUR HOME:  with tons of frost outside on the grass, and with a broken electric shower, and we are trying to get it fixed today because we havn't showered in 2 days! Yeah we just load up on deodorant. I know, its bad!!
And as far as the work here in Coihueco, its coming along slow (kind of like how the whole mission has been) but that okay, we are trying really hard!! and are working lots with members and less actives. I have fully come to realize that success doesn't matter about the numbers! It really doesn't. We aren't even called to baptize people either. Our calling is to "declare repentance unto this people" Everyone is in need of that! Not just investigators!!
Pres. Eyring said that the Lord has such great joy when we help someone have, even if its a brief moment of joy, or peace in their lives. Our mission president encouraged us to think about this every day! How much of a successful day it is TO THE LORD when we even just help someone feel a little closer to the spirit. This can be done in EVERY conversation we have with people in the streets!
I am sorry about the kind of lame short letter today. We had lots going on, and not much time. Actually the internet cafes are closed and we are taking turns on the church computer. thats why it has to be short. Just know things are good here, and I am trying my best! haha I love you guys so much, and have a great last week of school okay??
Elder Hartvigsen

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