Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 Coihueco, a small, little town near the Andes

Hey guys, so yeah... winter is for sure arriving in my little small town near the Andes Mountains!

Its absolutely gorgeous here. seriously I love the feel of a small town. the city part of Coihueco isn't that small. it reminds me a little of like Heber, or Kamas or something like that. there are a couple little restaurants, and a bank, and stuff like that. its super nice and tranquillo (chill).

The mornings here are FREEZING. And our little house has zero insulation I think...  and we have one little electric heater, that works... but you cant have it turned on while your companion is in the shower. because we have an electric shower and I think the power cant handle the both of them running together, because it happened to both me and my comp. on different days that we were in the shower, when the the breaker tripped... because of the apparently too high voltage use of power.  and being in the freezing shower waiting for your comp. to put shoes on and run outside around the house to flip the breaker isn't very pleasant. But I still thank my heavenly father every morning that we have a hot shower that works. the water pressure is almost non existent, because you have to have it turned on so low for it to be hot, and the light flickers in the bathroom when its on.  I think the house just lacks electricity capability. But no things are good here, I stay warm at night because of all our blankets.

and one really nice thing is that we have a washing machine in the house. and so we don't have to wait for a lady in the ward to wash our clothes according to her time table. The only bad thing is that in chile... no one has dryers, and so we have to hang out clothes to dry outside. and in the winter, that doesn't really work. I hung my clothes out a couple of days ago and it rained really hard for about 30 minutes... and my clothes have stayed wet for a couple days because the sun hasn't come out. but its all good, we bought stuff to put a clothes wire in the house.

and yes mom my rain gear still does fit me, and its really nice! THANK YOU! and I am super bummed I cant send pics yet, still trying to find a safe virus free computer. sorry... be patient! ha.

The Rama (branch) here is super great. there were 52 people in church which was actually a ton for them. And we brought 5 investigators to church. 4 with a baptismal date. its a family of 4 and they are seriously so prepared its amazing. I ask that everyone please keep Sara Aguilera and her family in your prayers this week. she is trying to quit smoking and her date is may 9th for baptism. her and her 4 kids are all super awesome, and I know that the Lord has prepared them... because my comp found them last week, and we are just starting to get to know them... but it would be such a blessing to see this whole family be baptized! we will be fasting tomorrow for her, but pray for them please !! :)

and the branch pres. is super cool here. he is 28, and joined the church when he was 24. left on the mission at 25, and got home over 2.5 years ago, and has a family with 2 kids. (one he adopted that his wife already had) and he works during the day. studies at night. and has tons of church responsibilities. teaches early morning seminary and a million other things too. Its so cool to see how faithful some of these people can be!!

also we made pancakes for the seminary kids for breakfast this week, and they loved it! and there are only 3 kids that go,  but it was fun!

Also, we had a whole mission conference on Sat. where Elder Dallin H. Oaks came to Santiago, and we watched the broadcast. he spoke to 4 different missions here, us, Conce south, Santiago north, Antofagasta. and it was so powerful. he talked mostly about the power of the sacrament. and also mentioned that the first presidency and the 12 would be talking a lot more about the sacrament and sabbath day observance this year, a lot more than they have in the past. also he mentioned that in his 70 years of being a teacher, the number 1 mistake teachers make.... is : assuming the students know something that they actually don't. and he stressed that we have to teach the basics to everyone. teach everyone how to pray. because if they don't know how to pray, they CANNOT receive a testimony through the power of the holy ghost, and without that they can never become converted. anyways it was a powerful conference, and fun to see everyone in the mission, like Elder Garcia before he goes home in 2 weeks.

I think thats all for now guys, it was a super busy week in which we did a ton of things... but thats when its the most rewarding right? :)

Elder Hartvigsen

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