Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 13, 2015 A quick transfer to Coihueco

Hey guys. okay so, before I even say anything... let me just tell you that you aren't going to believe what happened this week.  Let me start out by telling you that I am not in Chiguayante anymore.

The mission President called me friday night to tell me that there was an emergency transfer, and I was going to be transfered to Coihueco. A tiny little town about an hour past chillan. And so that`s where I am right now! haha I know its crazy. He told me over the phone, "Elder Hartvigsen, hows it going? umm... so we are going to change your life up a little bit right now. Its needed that you go serve in Coihueco right now." but turns out that I actually didn`t leave until this morning.

He was calling me and trying to get everything figured out about the transfer and they couldn't make it happen sooner. But its sad because, the missionary that was here in this sector is going home after a year and a half in the mission. Apparently it is for health, and its a problem he has been dealing with for the whole mission, but I dont know the details... nor does it really matter. But its sad for him, but now I am here with elder Sellers. He is from Orlando Florida! (crazy right? that you guys just barely went there for vacation...or are still there Im not sure) Also, he`s my first gringo companion! Should be good :) and we live in a house with us 2. I went from 5 elders, to 2.

anyways... Coihueco (you should look on the map) its a little town right up next towards the mountain! its actually really really pretty there, and we have bicycles and our sector is huge. Its apparently a tiny branch with about 30 or 40 people going to church, and a lot of the members live anywhere up to 15 kilometers away, and so its a whole lot different than Talcahuano, and Chiguayante! But I really am excited, it should be awesome! It was crazy when he called me... because I was only in Chiguayante for 3 WEEKS... and got transfered! But its all good, because I was in a trio, and im sure it made it easier to take me out of that, and I hope I can make a difference and really help the branch grow here! 

Also... the assistants came and picked me up this morning in their white Ford Ranger truck! Its so sick!!  and so we were driving on the freeway in a brand new ford truck, listening to music (efy) on the stereo with 3 gringos for like 2 hours... It definately felt like a piece of home!  I enjoyed it though! And then we droped the stuff off, and were able to make it to Chillan to buy groceries, and meet the zone for a BBQ. 

Also one fun thing, is that Elder Ospina got transfered the same time as me 3 weeks ago to San Carlos, which is in my same zone, and I got to see him today... he was so surprised! haha but its fun to be there with people I know!

Anyways, its been a little bit of a crazy week, and I dont have much to say other than the fact that I will be getting adjusted to another sector right now. Also I had some pictures to send, but my companion told me ALL the computers here are severely infected with viruses ... and so I am not even going to risk putting my pendrive in. Youll have to wait a bit on the fotos. Anyways have a great week, and I hope everyone is doing well!!

Love Elder Hartvigsen

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