Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015 General Conference

Hey guys, so some details about conference weekend if you`re interested... We all went to the Stake center to watch every session, and there were about 300 people at the most. But the good thing was that the Gringo missionaries got our own personal classroom, with a TV and we got to watch it all in English! It was awesome because there were only 4 of us there!  we had the whole place to ourselves. Also this one returned missionary from the stake who served his mission in Canada wanted to watch it with us, because obviously it would be better in English! I don`t think I could watch Elder Holland speak with a translator...

And what was cool is that we had the remote, and when the 2 people gave talks in Spanish, we just changed it to the spanish channel so that we could hear them give their own talks. And it was great because I understood everything. thats a miracle in itself, that in such a short time... I can understand spanish without a problem! :) Anyways Elder Zeballos is from Northern Chile, and served a mission in Concepcion, and was mission president here also. It was also cool to be able to see the difference in the spanish of Elder Zeballos and Elder Pino ( who is from Venezuela)

I learned so many things in the conference, and I was on such a spiritual high, I NEVER WANTED IT TO END!  Its the greatest thing ever for missionaries.
But seriously I don't even feel like I could begin expressing my feelings about it. Because I frankly don't even remember all the things I learned this weekend, I just remember how I felt! If that makes any sense. I just remember that the feelings I had were that of Love, gratitude, desire to learn and understand more, and motivation to be better! If those aren't the fruits of the spirit... I don't know what are! ha

 But one of the things that I loved, was in the talk of Elder Kevin W. Pearson who gave us 6 steps on Enduring to the End. He mentioned that Enduring to the End doesn't just mean "Hang in There". Or as I sometimes say... "You just gotta BOAR through it!" anyways...step number 4 is that the Book of Mormon is the key to spiritual survival. Thats so true! Whether its trying to armor yourself with power to resist satan's temptations, or strengthen your own testimony to push out the possible doubts that satan puts into our minds, or whatever else may be our purpose, The Book of Mormon is key!

He stated that those who may have strayed from the path a little (at some point in our lives, that applies to EVERYONE of us) and desire to return, there is a guaranteed road map back to safety. Its Prayerfully Study the Book of Mormon and LIVE its principles. Its as simple as that! I loved that talk, thats one of the many things that stood out to me in Conference this weekend! That the Book of Mormon was given to us for many reasons... and we know that its all for "a wise purpose in the Lord".

Well, I hope you guys take advantage of studying the talks more in depth. Because one of the apostles has said... that we get more out of conference AFTER it has finished!

Things are great here, and our investigators are progressing and I love the sector! Have a great week. Love you guys tons!

Elder Hartvigsen

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