Monday, June 20, 2016

May 30, 2016 the Flashlight salesman

this is my district!! From left to right: Hna Conde (argentina) Hna Pyatt (Massachusetts) Elder Fonseca (honduras/california) ME, Elder fuentealba (chile), Elder Melo (Brasil)

all my years of science fair, and school projects/ book reports paid off!! :)

FHE last night with Jorge Rojas and his wife Karina,

eating (FREE) at our ward mission leaders restaurant today! "El Rincón Marino"

Hey guys! So its transfer day, and I am staying in Lirquén (almost for sure to die here) :) Im excited and my companion is going to be Elder Lopez from Cochabamba Bolivia. WooHoo my 2nd Bolivian comp ha! Also I am going to be a grandpa... because my son Elder Parker is going to have a son (train) ha. And Elder Fuentealba is headed off to Chillán where believe it or not, he is going to be in the same ward as his older brother and sister in law. Its a small world after all right???

Yeah so this week we had our activity on saturday and we had an EXCELLENT turn out!! Like 50 people went. And 5 of them were investigators. 2 of the investigators were people brought by members, and 3 of them were people that we had contacted in the street and given them an invitation and they actually went! SHOCKER! anyways... we had contacted a couple in the plaza about 3 days before the activity who are from the North (Antofogasta) and are living here for a few months working and went and LOVED the movie The Testaments and we gave them a book of mormon after the activity and got their number to call them and set something up! And the other guy who showed up is named Jorge Peña and we contacted him literally 20 minutes before the activity started. So the plan was that at 7 we were going to start and at 5:30 we were going to meet in the church and go out with some members to pass out the remainder of my cards and invite people to the movie that very afternoon. So NO ONE showed up at 5:30... (not a surprise really) and so at about 6:15 my comp and I just decided to go ourselves and 1. get rid of the 40 cards or so that werent going to be of anygood after the activity and 2. maybe find one person at least to bring to the movie. So after giving out 4 cards or so we realized very quickly that the people "no estaban ni allí" (didnt want anything to do with it) haha and so we thought we were just going to be wasting our time. So we started back to the chapel and we see this guy selling flashlights on the corner of the street and I said Hi and he said hi back and was sort of looking at me really friendly. (And thats a dead give away that something is wrong... or right actually haha) because everyone tries to avoid us even by avoiding eye contact.

So something told me to turn around and talk with him so I did and we talked for like 3 or 4 minutes and I gave him the invitation and he said he would like to go. And so 20 minutes later he showed up to the activity and absolutely LOVED the movie. He is Evangelical and is sort of crazy, but turns out he is from Hualpèn and lives in the very same sector where I was (Cerro Verde) and we gave him a Book of Mormon as well and are going to pass the reference to the missionareis there (Elder Soliz my son, and Elder Ketch also from Alpine, UT) haha so hopefully something comes of all that :)

I just felt so good after the activity because I felt that all our time and efforts were good for something! Also this 15 year old young woman came up to me after crying and said thanks so much for inviting her she had never seen the movie but loved it and said "Now I know for sure that the Book of Mormon is true!!" and also an inactive member went who had not set foot in the chapel since the day he was baptized (8 years ago!) So it was a total success :)

And that was the highlight of our week. So... the church is true. The Book of Mormon contains the fulness of the everlasting gospel, and if we are looking for opportunities to share the gospel and are willing to simply OPEN OUR MOUTHS, they will be filled. And David the investigator ended up having to work saturday and could go... but thanks for your prayers anways! haha

Love you all
Elder Harvigsen

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