Monday, June 20, 2016

June 13, 2016 Copa America

Amazing Chilean Coast

Hey guys!
Well we took another trip to the beach today for P day and so I am sending a couple pictures from that. Also on Friday we were allowed to watch the Chile vs. Bolivia game in the copa america and tomorrow chile plays panama, so thats always fun to be able to watch those games! :) Elder Lopez wasnt too happy that Chile beat Bolivia in the final seconds, because the refs made a poor call and gave Chile a penalty kick haha. But its all good.. life moves on!

Umm... things havent been too different here lately. Still working like normal, and we have been bringing a couple of investigators to church but ones that arent really progressing, or ones that dont even live in our sector ha. Actually we had a cool thing happen on friday. We ate lunch at a members house and their less active daughter and son in law came over to eat mostly so that we could give her a priesthood blessing along with her dad (active member). And turns out that the husband of the daughter (Christian) has been really really interested in church and has been reading tons in the book of mormon and the doctrine and covenants and we are going to send the missionaries their to teach them, I am positive that he is going to get baptized. I have never seen someone with so much interest and wanting to find the true church and raise his 2 kids there. Its always such a blessing when I get to see people like that. And the bummer is just that I usually see people like that who are from other sectors. They actually live in Chiguayante in the same ward that I was in last year. But its just a blessing to be able to take part in the process of conversion at any stage. Whether we score the tuchdown (baptism) or whether we just make a 5 yard gain someward toard the middle of the field ALL POSITIVE EXPERIENCES COUNT!!

Umm... now not too much else has happend this week. If I think of anything I will tell you in your personal emails that I respond. Love you guys tons!

#finishstrong....8...weeks... ;)

Elder Hartvigsen

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