Monday, March 30, 2015

March 23, 2015 My first transfer to Chiguayante

Elder Villar and the ties we traded

This is me with Carolain and Carlos.  She is a member and he is our investigator.  I will miss them so much!
Saying Chao to Elder Hepworth

the ward had a sandwich making contest

The ward party

My favorite food called Chorriyano.  It has french fries, chicken, hot dogs, steak, avacado and boiled eggs! The Bishops wife made this for us!

Me with Hermano Puchi! One of my favorite members here!

Hey guys, so just to let you know right off the bat that I am getting transferred to Chiguayante! I am pretty excited, its close and its actually just on the other side of Concepcion. But the thing that is going to be a little different... is that I am going to be in a Trio. So one of my companions is my district leader, and his name is Elder Garcia, he is from Colombia. And was actually a former companion of Elder Cruz. But he seems like a cool guy! And the other companion is Elder Ribiero from Brazil. and so I am pretty excited, and truly ready to have a good attitude, and make the most of it! 

Its gonna be weird, starting over for the first time after 6 months here in Talcahuano! One good thing, is that I will be close to Conce, and I will get to come to the office still every week for P day and mail comes every week! which is nicer, because if you live in the campo way far away sometimes packages and stuff takes months longer to reach you!

But this afternoon after P day we get to go around the sector and see the members, and thank them for all they have done for us! But yeah guys, I am just excited to experience something new and different!

umm... this week I mentioned in the photos, that we had a sandwich contest for the ward! It was really fun, and our investigator Carlos came, and actually was one of the judges and participated a lot and loved the activity! Thats one of the biggest reasons we have activities like that. And to have more unity among the members of the ward! And yeah dad I heard about the phone call you received from this guy in the ward...  I am going to read your email first and see how it went, but this guy is really funny. But I think one of the main reasons he called was to be able to talk to Brady in spanish, and practice English with him...  I don't really know!

Well let me just say, that despite any of the hardships or frustrations that I have had ... I have really liked it here. The members truly are amazing! And I love them all so much! Mom if you guys come here, I would love to go to church here if its possible to be able to see them again. Anyways, I am grateful for the opportunity that the Lord gave me to be "born" (start the mission) here in Talcahuano. And I remember what Brady said about Ayacucho when he got transferred... something about that that was the place where he learned to be a missionary, and the people he loved, and the companion that taught him spanish or something like that. I just remember all the love that he had for that place and the people more than anything. Its true, I have loved seeing the church grow here. Its been a testimony to me of the divinity of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints... that it doesn't matter what part of the world you are in, the church is the same. Its that way, because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He doesn't change. This church is HIS CHURCH. And what an incredibly undeserved blessing it is to be members of it! :)

"When much is given, much is required." -Doctrine and Covenants 82:3 

That I think should be the motto for latter day saints. We truly need to be spending more time focused on the things that really matter. (Giving the blessing of the Atonement, and gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as will listen to us!) Thats my testimony, and I hope you guys are still escudriñando las escrituras every day!!! (aka. SEARCHING the scriptures) :) Because thats the source of the spirit, knowledge, and personal guidance for us that we all so desperately need... living in a world clouded from sin. Have a great week guys!!!

Much love,
Elder Hartvigsen

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