Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2, 2015 Had a great birthday turning 19!!

So first off mom.... I know you are wondering if I had a good birthday or not....  and yes I did! It was great! We got to do service in the morning for some lady that the other missionaries just knocked on her door the week before. She isn't even an investigator yet, but they asked if they could come by next week and do service. So we showed up all 4 of us and cut down all the weeds in her front yard, and sweeped and cleaned up the whole patio. She was super grateful, and rather surprised at why 4 teenage boys would just show up on a Saturday morning and do service for a couple hours for free!  It was great!

And after that, we had lunch at a members house, and she was so sweet and made the best lunch ever, plus a big birthday cake, and even decorated the house with balloons and little signs for me too . :) I will send pics, and a few different ward members gave me little gifts and called to say happy birthday, (they were all super thoughtful of me) and also the mission president and his wife called at night to wish me a happy day, and so yeah I hope you didn't miss me too much mom and dad ;)   just know that it was a great day!

After lunch friday, we stayed at this Sisters hours, because she lives 20 minutes away, and we were going to work in that area after lunch so we stayed there for like an hour. And I was so exhausted that I sat down in her super comfy recliner chair, and fell asleep. And woke up like half an hour later to the sound of me snoaring, and my companion was just reading, and she was just knitting a scarf on the coach looking at me and smiling...  I was so embarrassed and like "oops... excuse me" hahaha

We have 1 solid investigator Carlos. He is progressing, and we are praying hard for him,. I fasted yesterday too for him. Sierra is in Tome I think... like half an hour away and yeah its fun to see her! Also my comp and I are getting along. We are taking lots of time to laugh and have more fun! 

But on a spiritual note, yesterday at church I was really happy to see all the members get up and bare their testimonies. My heart truly was full of gratitude and love yesterday. I was so impressed that every one that spoke, talked only about all the blessings and happiness that they have received from the gospel. And these people truly know the difference, because most if not ALL of them are converts. And have only been members of the church anywhere from 1 year, to 40 years.... but I was really touched, and reminded how the only true source of happiness in this life, comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ, and living his commandments. Thats it. period! There isn't another way! The world disguises so many things to appear as happiness, and while it may be very short lived pleasure... nothing compares with the joy that is felt by living the gospel. And seeing the Atonement work in someones life (specifically our own!)

And this is what really has stuck out to me this week. If we are living or even thinking with the mentality that there are some commandments that don't really apply to us, or that we can live in contrary to the gospel and find happiness in this life, we are severely mistaken! Christ himself said, that he is the bread of life, and if we partake of this bread.... we will never hunger again! This is true! And I am so blessed to be here in Talcahuano seeing this first hand, people making changes in their lives, and truly finding the happiness that the gospel brings! :)

I hope you guys have a great week! Thanks for your love, support, and prayers!

Elder Hartvigsen

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