Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015 A blithering summer week in February!

Along the Bio Bio river

Taking the train (that reminded me of the one we took in new york) to this cool place along the Bio Bio River... with the ward. They went on a ward overnight camping trip, and we got permission to go for the first day! Turns out it was actually in the Chile Concepcion South Mission....  but we got permission from the President of course to leave mission boundaries a little ;)

A ward member's pet turtle!

Holy smokes Cole! 15!!

this was a service project, with 2 of my favorite guys in the ward... the one in the white shirt used to be the bishop here, but now is our new ward mission leader... and in the green shirt is his brother in law hugo, that is also super cool!

and this about sums up Tumbes in one pictures! (Lots of firewood for the winter, and "fish jerky!") They literally hang up fish fillets to dry and eat them like jerky without seasoning or anything...  its nuts!

and us with Hermana Berzabeth in Tumbes... the best lady ever! 

 and this is just another one of the good families in the ward :) se llaman la familia Medina.... the daughter on the far left speaks perfect english... and lived in England for a year, and I didn't expect it, but speaks like Meg Bradshaw! hahaha its awesome.
and this picture is just legendary! Hermano Marine! (the guy from Emperors New groove) haha I Love him... and had to snag a picture yesterday <3

First and foremost,

Feliz CumpleaƱos Cole! 15... HOLY SMOKES :) hahaha love you bro!
 Today is transfer day..... y me quedo igual con Elder Cruz! (I am staying here in Talcahuano with Elder Cruz.... translated for mom and dad)  So I will be here just short of 6 months! Crazy I know... not gonna lie, I was really hoping I would get transfered today, but I am content with the result... because I trust that the Lord is in charge of all the cambios, and everything happens for a reason!

I seriously love the members here too! So I am excited to spend some more time with them, and I still haven`t mastered the christ like love (charity)  yet, and I believe thats something I need to improve on while I have some more time here!

So, I'm sending a picture of my district leader Elder Villar from "los Condes" I think thats how you spell it, in Santiago chile. Apparently he knows President Laycock, and actually, he was the one who taught him this system of marking his scriptures with Preach My Gospel references and page numbers. Remember Pres. Laycock taught that to our ward too!  How cool! So we had fun talking about all our memories with the legendary Larry!!

Also the funeral sounds like it went super well. I am really happy for Grandpa. Seriously. I know its gotta be so hard for the family he left behind, but we have to remember that this is a necessary step in our eternal plan that our Father in Heaven has for us!

I am so happy all those ward friends and family members could help you out and support at the funeral. You have so many people that love and care about you mom! You are the best! I love you too :))) <3

Much Love, Elder Hartvigsen

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