Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2, 2015 Grandpa was a great man!

One funny thing that happened this week, was that I witnessed this 91 year old man, absolutely scream at the top of his lungs this Evangelical prayer! It was such a sight to see!  I'm not kidding... It is so contrary to the way we are taught to pray! Yeah its good that they use lots of emotion and stuff when they pray, but its super weird! I was afraid that if this man exerted any more energy... he would pass away!

But we had a zone conference this week, which was super great! I always love the conferences! But the best part was... we got to watch "Meet the Mormons!" actually... it was "Conozca los Mormònes"  because it was in Spanish, but it was probably the only movie I will watch in 2 years, and I enjoyed it!!!! Have you guys seen it yet? Its pretty cool, I LOVED the part about the Navy Football coach, mostly because I yearn for some good American Football :)  and also they showed the kid skiing at snowbird.... oh man! But it was fun to watch it! In the conference we talked about the importance of working with the members. We are starting to teach the members more, and even teach from Preach My Gospel, directly to them! Its such a good tool we have, and we need to utilize it in every way we can! 

Also, we did service for this guy in our ward and I found this pair of shoes in his shed that he was going to throw away, they were covered in dust, but looked like they were in good condition and he said we could have them. So we cleaned them off and they were like brand new! My companion was so happy, because he was in need of shoes, and they fitted him perfectly! Blessings come to those that serve!  

Oh, and mom this is for you... every morning during exercise time, or when we have free time before bed we play music that we have, and every time I hear Cherri Call sing... I think of you! Because I know how much you like her, and its funny because thats the only type of music we can listen to, and so when a new EFY album, or church album comes out on the missionaries LOVE it! We have to download it immediately, because we all have the same old music!  anyways, It was a good week, and I hope you guys all know how much I love you! (p.s. I cant believe that at the end of this month I will have been out 6 months!!! and I turn 19) woohoo!

Love Elder Hartvigsen

wow mom! Sounds like an incredibly hard/incredibly sweet week :) I didn't even cry when I looked at the pictures, of grandpa that you sent! I just cried when I read your email....  But I am really glad he could read the little note I sent him! Grandpa is going to be a blithering eagle for the Lords Army on the other side :) How are you doing though? We are all glad he was able to pass away, and I cant imagine what you are going through either... I don't really know what it feels like! But the savior does mom. Always remember that whenever you have a moment of sadness, or when you miss Grandpa, you can pray for the comforting part of the enabling power of the Atonement! 

I don't remember the scripture exactly... but it says something like "Because of adam, all men must die... but because of Christ, all men will live again!" :)

I love you so much mom!
Elder chase

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