Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 16, 2015 Valentines day on the pier, the most beautiful turquoise color!

Hey guys, another week here in the blithering summer of chile has passed! Its super hot here... but I love the weather :) Yesterday was a super good Sunday, because as you know we haven't seen too much progress here, but we had 2 investigators at church this week (and one of them has a baptismal date for March 7) So we were super excited about that :) Please pray for Ivan, and Carlos!! Ivan has the baptismal date. Carlos is married to a member in the ward. They are a super young newly wed couple like 25 years old... and Carlos is coming to church every week (mostly because his wife comes I think) but we are teaching him, and he seems fairly interested. But we have been working super hard, and I think we are beginning to actually see some fruits... HOPEFULLY!  :)

So this week the youth had PFJ (EFY) and its funny to see how big of a deal it is down here! Its such a huge thing, because I think basically all of Chile (or this region I don't know) all does it that same week. Because in Utah they can have it every week in the summer because there are thousands of kids that go. But here its different. A couple of the girls in the ward that went bore their testimonies yesterday and it seems like it had a huge impact on them. They talked about how this program truly is inspired of God, and blesses the children that go!

Anyways... remember that I said Elder Hepworth (from the CCM) had a mormon message? yeah he said it came out this week! You guys gotta watch it on lds.org He said you can see me in there for like 2 seconds! hahaha lessss go baby! But he got to Skype with Elder Neal Anderson on Saturday for the RootsTech convention. (Ask Grandma Annette if she went, because I know she loves RootsTech and genealogy :) but anyways, apparently the conference was a big deal, and he got to skype and be a part of it, and the video came out about it... all about family history and temple work!

So you know how I was a little bummed that I didn't get transferred... I am trying to enjoy and take advantage of all the time I have here. Especially for the members, because a few of them have told me they were so glad that I didn't get transferred, and so it will be fun to enjoy a little more time with them! Also, we went and contacted out on the Pier this week, on Valentines day... and there was this big concert thing, and they were all singing love songs and stuff and we realized that everyone was there as couples (boyfriends and girlfriends, married couples, and US...) it was kind of funny! But literally it was the most beautiful day, because the bay here is the most gorgeous turquoise blue color... it was so pretty! I wish I could have taken a dip in the sea, but its all good! (I was picturing the guy from 50 first dates doing the "flippies" off the dock :) )

umm.... I cant really think of much more that happened, I am making good progress in the book "Jesus The Christ!" and its super interesting... a lot of the words he uses, are way over my head....  but I am really enjoying reading the super DEEP study of the Saviors Life and ministry. And I'm in Alma reading the book of mormon all the way through in Spanish. But I'm spending more time marking it, because my understanding and comprehension has only gotten better! But anyways guys... have a great week! And I love you all!

Elder Hartvigsen

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