Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015, "What manner of teachers ought we to be?"

Hey guys! another week wow!  They are actually starting to go by pretty fast now! I cant believe we are more than half way done with January... 

but really nothing happened this week, so I will just talk to you guys next monday, yeah?

hahah just kidding ;) 

Things are great here! My companion and I are getting along, and we are starting to slowly see more success in the sector. Little by little, for example we have been able to get more peoples address and phone numbers and set appointments for future days (thats about as far as our success goes here so far)  but its all good. We are working super hard, and its been WRETCHEDLY HOT this week! Every day I bring a little hand towel in my back pack, because I have to keep pulling it out to wipe the sweat off my face and neck! And my shirt collar is already brown after 1 day of using the shirt. but its all good! 

I read all the Ensigns here, because I have like half an hour to an hour of time in between exercise and study in the morning, and after planning at night... so I usually spend that time reading the Ensign. There was a talk I think in the December 2014 (if I'm not mistaken) that was called "What manner of Teachers ought we to be" It was super cool! Given by the Sunday  school general presidency. It talked all about the way the savior taught, and how we should emulate all of his traits, especially in teaching the gospel! Something that really stood out to me was how he would perceive the thoughts of the people! I know that this is done through spiritual gifts, because Ammon was able to do the same with King Lamoni. But what I loved was that it said, Jesus Christ ALWAYS uses questions to teach. He would ask what Preach My Gospel calls "Inspired questions" to then be able to discern the thoughts of the people. Yes Christ already knows everything and doesn't have to ask any questions, but I believe he taught in this way, to give US an example! I used to think that to be able to discern the thoughts of the people, it would just come as pure instantaneous knowledge. (I think It can happen this way also, but its more rare) We need to be actively in tune with the spirit, to ask the Inspired questions, that are going to help us to know exactly what we need to say! I don`t know if that makes much sense, but I was really impressed with what I learned :) 

I am going to spend a lot more time studying (NOT JUST READING) about the Savior. I am making it a goal to deeply internalize his perfect example. There is a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that talks about the people (us) receiving their first lessons about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the premortal life, and were being prepared to come to the earth and teach this to the people that don't have this in their lives already! We are all here for a purpose. We have been given the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with the burden of expectation, that we will share it with anyone and everyone we can, for our whole lives! Its a big responsibility! But with the scriptures as our textbook, and Christ as our teacher we can all become better missionaries! :)

Umm... something funny yesterday that happened was the Bishop came up to me just before sacrament meeting and handed me a letter, It was in English and he asked me If I would read it and translate it, because he figured it was important but he couldn't read it... so I put it in my pocket, and went into the meeting. My companion and I passed the sacrament like normal (because there is only really 2 active young men in the ward 1 is 18 years old and blesses the sacrament with his dad every week, and the other is 16 but is super sick and cant pass the sacrament) anyways... after the meeting I opened the letter. To my surprise I found that It was supposedly "revelation given by Christ to Warren Jeffs" the prophet of the Federalist Latter Day Saint Church....  its was complete garbage! I only read a little bit of it, because I didn't know what it was... but it was funny that this letter was sent to I don't know if all the bishops or whoever got it, but it was complete rubbish! I told the bishop that he didn't need me to translate it, it was of no value. But later I thought it was kind of funny... that I passed the sacrament with  pure Anti-Mormon literature in my pocket! oops! 

Well, hope you guys have a great week! 
Chao, Love
Elder Hartvigsen 

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